NorTech 340 Sport Boat Review

NorTech 340 Sport Boats

An Excellent Center Console with Amazing Features

A center console boat is almost a necessity in Florida. They are among the most abundant boats ion the water and there is a good reason for that. A center console boat can be more versatile than many other boats for sale on the market. Their available uses are endless and for that reason they are among the top selling boats from NorTech. The NorTech 340 Sport is one of the mid-sized center console boats for sale from the company and if you want an impressive boat that can take you anywhere you want to go, this one is for you.

Power Options

Twin and triple motors are available on any NorTech 340 boat for sale so you can have a choice in the amount of horsepower desired. For those looking to maximize speed, the triple motor option may be the best, but for those that are looking to save a little on fuel costs, the twin engine option will help. As with all NorTech boats, you can customize the brand of motor used, but the most popular option is the Mercury 300s The Mercury 350s and 400s are an additional option for those that want to maximize the power potential of the boat. Both the twin as well as triple engine configurations will enable the NorTech 340 Sport to have ample power to fly through the seas with ease leaving other boats far behind.

Interior Cabin

It is difficult to think that a mid-sized center console vessel can have an interior cabin, but the expert design skills of the NorTech have made a way. The cabin onboard the NorTech 340 Sport is truly not large by any means. It is perfectly adapted for two people to sleep comfortably beneath the helm of the vessel and even features natural lighting with windows throughout. The head is within the cabin as well and features a toilet and sink. The NorTech 340 Sport makes an excellent weekend or just a day boat.

At the Helm

Helm configurations are quite numerous with varying numbers of dials and precision tools to help the driver navigate the waters. The NorTech 340 Sport has been equipped with some of the most impressive helm features without an overabundance of unnecessary devices. The helm is equipped with your choice of two 12”, 15” or 16” Garmin navigation screens as well as the ability to add auto pilot, sonar, and even XM radio. Two people can either sit or stand completely comfortably at the helm as the vessel is driven and with the speed packed into the NorTech 340 Sport, you had better hang on tight.

Seating Options

The true versatility of the NorTech 340 Sport comes full circle once you realize the number of seating options available for the boat. For the fisherman looking to maximize on fishing potential, the boat can be retrofitted with coolers beneath the seating for maximum use and rod holders are able to be installed to further customize the vessel. For those that are looking for more of a day boat experience, the addition of wrap around seating as well as twin rear loungers make the NorTech 340 Sport much more comfortable than ever before. If you happen to choose the day boat option, you will be pleased to note that the boat comes with an available cabin and head featuring a sleeping area for two with a toilet and sink inside the cabin as well.

Where to Go

With your new NorTech 340 Sport center console boat in mind, you may be wondering where this boat might take you. The truth is that the smaller size of the vessel along with the reinforced hull design, this boat can go practically anywhere throughout the Florida coastal area. You can have the perfect day boat, fishing vessel, or even yacht tender with the NorTech 340 Sport at your side.


  • Length:                                 34’
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                                 9,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                     276 Gallons

Selling a boat?

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3.63 Out of 5

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