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NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy Boat Review

NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy Boats

The Most Versatile Boat on the Market

Center console vessels are among the most common in Florida. The reason for their popularity is that these boats are adaptable to both fishing needs as well as leisure activities. NorTech is noted for producing some of the most popular center console vessels on the market today and they are continuing to wow the public with the remarkable NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy.

More Uses

Most center consoles tend to have just one use. Either they are manufactured to be a fishing vessel or for day trips out on the water. The typical family however needs to have a boat that is useful on all fronts. The NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy supplies all of the family’s needs with ease. It is there for an excellent fishing vessel with features that are important to the angler and it is also there for the family when they need a day out on the water for some time away. The ability to customize the vessel with graphics as well as features such as extra rod holders and rocket launchers is available from NorTech, so you can make your NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy truly, you very own.

Options for Power

Boat manufacturers today tend to churn out new boat models as fast as possible. The problem is that there is no real chance for the customer to have any customized options added. NorTech understands that their customers like choices. They offer those choices throughout the NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy, but the truly remarkable aspect is that the customer has a choice of the type and even how many motors they want for the power they expect. Power options make it possible for the customer to choose, twin, triple, or even quad motors in any brand they desire. The addition of 1/0 diesel engines is an option as well. That is not something you will find with other comparable vessels in any other brand.

Convenient Deck Space

One of the best aspects of any well-designed center console vessel is the available deck space awarded to the vessel from merely having the helm in the center of the boat. The extra space allows for multiple storage tanks for fishing as well as extra space for seating depending on the needs of the individual. The deck space onboard the NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy allows for maximum versatility and ease of movement. The wrap around seating at the bow of the vessel along with the available steps allow for the maximum versatility and ample space for your guests to stay comfortable.

Down Below

Center console vessels are not always known for having cabin space, but sometimes it is a welcomed break to step out of the sun for a bit and relax. The NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy is equipped with an easily accessible cabin with seating as well as a full berth so your guests can be comfortable both above deck as well as beneath. The NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy was truly designed with the needs of everyone on board in mind.

At the Helm

The helm is the control center of all center consoles and onboard the NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy you will find that the helm is equipped with everything you need to always have a successful voyage. The navigation screens enable further customization with the ability to choose from one or even two full sized 12” screens. Not only can you navigate like an expert, the careful planning of the helm area allows for maximum comfort with all controls easily accessible from the driver’s seat. Two people can sit comfortably at the helm as the boat speeds through the waters of the Florida coastline. You will not find another vessel on the market today that has the attention to the seemingly small details that the NorTech 390 Sport Cuddy has.


  • Length:                                 39’
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                               11,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      310 Gallons

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3.99 Out of 5

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