NorTech 4000 Roadster Boat Review

NorTech 4000 Roadster Boats

Power and Speed in a Slightly Smaller Package

It is often stated that bigger is always better. That may be true with some aspects of life, but not so when speaking about the well-designed NorTech 4000 Roadster. This model is the smaller of the two NorTech powerboats for sale offered by the company, but sometimes the best things come in the smallest of packages. This Nor-Tech boat has been designed inside and out to be all you want it to be without taking up a considerable amount of room when compared to other powerboats for sale on the market.

Power Where It Counts

The NorTech 4000 Roadster is a classic catamaran for sale with a choice of one or two turbine or gas engines to choose from. When compared to other, larger catamarans that utilize more engines, you may believe that the one or two engine configurations will lack power. However, it pays to consider the fact that with the larger catamarans comes the need for the extra engines to pull the extra weight. The NorTech 4000 Roadster certainly delivers on power with the engine configuration due to the lighter weight of the vessel. Choose the motor brand that you prefer, but the most popular choice is the high-powered Mercury racing 700s due to their abundant use on boats for sale in Florida.

Features for Your Ride

Some catamarans tend to be nothing more than a bullet to cruise across the water. There is so much focus on the power that there is little focus on the features and overall comfort of the occupants. The designers at NorTech powerboats understand that the speed of the vessel is very important in a classic catamaran, but the need for features and comfort is there as well. The NorTech 4000 Roadster has been designed to be among the fastest in its class, but it has also been designed with comfortable 6-person seating in the cockpit of the vessel and additional and optional two-person lounge in the rear of the vessel on top of the engine compartment. This feature is perfect for sunbathers to relax when the boat is not in motion.

Another key feature to the NorTech 4000 Roadster is the convenience of an interior cabin. You may be among the many who prefer to be on deck, but there will be sometimes when you want to venture below for a little relaxation. The cabin features a berth large enough for two people to sit comfortably along with bench seating for extra occupants. In addition to the room in the cabin, the NorTech 4000 Roadster features a head as well with a pull-out shower as well as a porta potti style sink.

At the Helm

You and your guests can ride in complete comfort aboard the NorTech 4000 Roadster boat with seating that hugs your every curve while in motion and keeps you comfortable even when traveling at top speed. At the helm of the vessel, there is room for up to three navigation screens for maximum usability. There is also the option of where the steering wheel is placed with an available port on either side of the helm. Behind the helm seating, there is a cooler area that is large enough to hold any and all of your beverages and snacks without having to find a place to store a standard cooler taking up valuable deck space.

Where to Go

When you board your new NorTech 4000 Roadster your first thought will be where to go. The good thing about this vessel is that it is perfect for racing as well as a day out on the water with family and friends. The fact that the NorTech 4000 Roadster is lighter than many other catamarans on the market today means that it is able to navigate in shallower waters, but it is more at home in the open seas of the ocean. The convenience of this vessel is that the length and the beam allows it to be easily slipped into most standard sized ports without the concern of the boat being too large. The Florida coast is full of wonderful places and with your NorTech 4000 Roadster, you can see them all.


  • Length:                                 40’
  • Beam:                                   10’9”
  • Draft:                                     36”
  • Weight:                                 10,500
  • Fuel:                                      260 Gallons

Selling a Boat?

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3.50 Out of 5

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