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NorTech 420 MC Boat Review

NorTech 420 MC Boats

Your Dreams of the Perfect Day Boat Have Finally Come True

Finding the perfect boat for sale is not always easy. The choices of the type of boat to use are just as numerous as the many boat manufacturers making them. Some boat manufacturers prefer to simply put boats out as fast as they can for the public, but when quality and customization are a key ingredient in your decision-making process, NorTech is the boat manufacturer to trust and the NorTech 420 MC is the dream day boat you have been waiting for.

Comforts at Its Best

A day boat is made to be comfortable. Unfortunately, not all day boats are made to maximize the comfort of the occupants. The NorTech 420 MC boat is designed to be comfortable no matter where you sit within the vessel. At the helm, you will find two chairs to allow both pilot and copilot to either sit at the perfect level or even stand with backrests for maximum control. Throughout the NorTech 420 MC boat both owners and their guests will enjoy the ease of movement from the convenient storage areas hidden throughout the vessel to make walking the deck easy and without obstructions. The rear portion of the deck features additional seating as well as two lounge chairs that can be used when the boat is not in motion.

The comfort of the NorTech 420 MC boat continues below deck with a well-appointed cabin. The cabin is able to sleep two people comfortably within the full-sized berth with additional wrap around seating throughout the interior. The cabin also contains a fully functioning head with a flushing toilet as well as sink and a stand-up shower. As with all NorTech boats, the ability to customize the features of the cabin and other areas of the boat are always available, so the NorTech 420 MC boat for sale can truly become your dream day boat.

Ergonomics at its Best

The captain of the ship is generally found at the helm of the vessel and onboard the NorTech 420 MC boat you will find a helm that is made with the pilot in mind. Whether you choose to have the steering column on the starboard side or the port side of the vessel, you will find that the helm is made around the driver with ergonomic features that ensure that control and comfort is found at all times. Two full sized and customizable navigation screens take up the primary space of thee helm along with all of the other controls needed to take you and your guests where they want to go. No matter if the driver is standing or sitting comfortably, they will find an easy to use dashboard and full access to all controls.

Customizable Graphics

As if being able to fully customize the interior features of your new NorTech 420 MC boat were not enough, NorTech allows customers to choose the exterior graphics as well. When others on the Florida coast are blending into the background, you can be standing out with the graphics you want along with the colors that speak to you. The beauty of the NorTech 420 MC boat for sale is that no two are ever completely alike and that is attractive to any potential owner.

Where to Go

Day trips out into the ocean are what the NorTech 420 MC boats are made for. It is large enough to take friends and family along for the ride, but small enough to be convenient to maneuver into ports throughout the coast. Deep water is the perfect environment for the NorTech 420 MC so you and your guests can feel confident when exploring the small islands throughout the gulf as well as the southern portion of Florida. The power, convenience, and comfort of this vessel make it among the top picks for day boaters and their families


  • Length:                                 42’9”
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Draft:                                    36”
  • Weight:                               12,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      310 Gallons

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4.29 Out of 5

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