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NorTech 427 Vee Bottom Boat Review

NorTech 427 Vee Bottom Boats

Performance, Style, and Comfort All in One

Boats come in a range of shapes, sizes, and types, but one thing is for certain of any boat purchased, you want to get the quality you deserve to stand up to the rigors of the ocean. Where some boat manufacturers are merely focused on churning out more and more vessels, NorTech is concentrating on quality and the overall happiness of their customers. The NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boat is among the best boats for sale on the market today and here are just a few reasons why you need one of these spectacular boats if you want to own the waters in and around Florida.

Smart Design

Competition within the boating world is fierce when it comes to the design and distribution of boats. Everyone wants to have the best features, but the size of the boat often makes certain features just not an option. NorTech has a reputation for producing boats that are not only some of the most beautiful on the waterways, but also intelligently designed to give their owner more options. The designers of the NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boats have found a way to incorporate extra storage into the rear of the vessel by attaching a hinged lid at the bottom of the rear lounger. This generally is supposed to house the engine compartment on some vessels, but through the smart design of the boat they were able to incorporate the additional storage by maneuvering the engine components around this space.

When it comes time to have a little fun in the sun with a little diving, the smart design helps out as well. Not only can you store the swim ladder in the rear trunk space, but you can access the swim platform as well. The swim platform on board the NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boat is not just a place to jump from and get back on the boat. It extends a little further than standard platforms on the market to offer a much safer swimming experience. Design innovations like these are not always adopted by other boat manufacturers, but NorTech wants to ensure that every customer gets the boat and the features they want each and every time.

Space Below

Everyone needs a little time out of the sun even if they are out on the water. Some interior cabins are quite cramped and do not offer more than a place to sit for a while. NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boats give guests a place to sit as well as lay down and take it easy for a while. In addition to the spacious interior cabin, a fully functioning head with sink, toilet, and even a pull-out shower gives you and your guest more comfort options than many other comparable boats.

At the Helm

The helm of the boat is where the real action takes place. There may be swimming going on around the boat and people lounging on the interior, but if the helm is not well-appointed the entire experience will be lacking. The pilot has to remain comfortable at all times. This is especially true when traveling through the water at high speeds. The NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boat is designed to give the driver the ultimate experience with the option of placing the steering column on either the port of starboard side of the vessel. That type of customization along with the fact that the helm is integrated with a fan system means that the pilot is able to stay both cool and comfortable throughout the trip.

Where to Go?

The NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boat is among the most versatile vessels on the market today. The solid construction of this boat enables it to go into most ports and shorelines of Florida without any trouble. The NorTech 427 Vee Bottom boat can be your home away from home bringing you to any port you desire with all of your family and friends right there with you.


  • Length:                                 42’7”
  • Beam:                                   8’6”
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                               10,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      200 Gallons

Looking to Sell?

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4.33 Out of 5

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