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NorTech 450 Sport Boat Review

NorTech 450 Sport Boats

A Weekender boat for sale that has Attitude

Boats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but one thing that many lack is true versatility. The NorTech Brand has become synonymous with high-quality boats for sale, but it is the NorTech 450 Sport that is turning more heads than any other boat for sale this year. This mid-sized center console model has the features, power, and precision that every boat owner wants from their chosen vessel. This is not just your everyday average center console boat for sale. It has much more to offer its customers.

Power and Performance

Power in any boat is essential if you are to contend with the unpredictability of the ocean. A boat without ample power cannot possibly stand up to all that the sea has to offer, but the NorTech 450 Sport is the most powerful midsized center console boat for sale on the market today. The power comes from the available five 400 horsepower motors powering this beast. Like with all NorTech boats for sale, the customer has the ability to customize the brand of boat motor they prefer. You can truly have the power you want to contend with any situation you come across while out on your perfect ride in the ocean.

At the Helm

The helm of any vessel is where all the action is. That is where the course is meticulously charted and therefore it must contain the most sophisticated navigation instruments to get the job done. The NorTech 450 Sport has a helm that has been designed to be as user friendly and sophisticated as you need it to be. With room for two very large screens to make navigating easier and multiple cup holders to ensure your drink never spills, you can pilot your vessel like a pro. The touch screen technology integrated into the navigation system allows for maximum access and ease of use. Your NorTech 450 Sport will get you anywhere you want to be with precision from the technology within.

Comfortable for Everyone

No matter where you find yourself sitting on board the NorTech 450 Sport, you are assured to be completely comfortable. The designers looked at the vessel from every angle and decided to incorporate enough seating so everyone will be able to relax in style. The bow of the boat has a table with seating for a meal out on the water and when the table is not needed, it can be folded out of the way. Additional twin loungers as well as rear wrap around seating is available. The sides of the NorTech 450 Sport are padded for ease of movement as well as a bit of leverage while fishing.

On the Inside

Not all center console boats for sale have an available interior cabin, but the designers of the NorTech 450 Sport thought it best to include one. Natural lighting accentuates the well-appointed interior cabin. A full-sized berth, extra wrap around seating and a galley complete the interior cabin with the option to customize the materials to your individual tastes. The head is another bonus on this remarkable vessel with its functioning shower, toilet, and sink. The NorTech 450 Sport is the best equipped vessel for all your needs whether those may be a day trip or even a weekend away.

Where to Go

While at the helm of such a spectacular vessel as the NorTech 450 Sport you may be wondering where to take the family for an outing. The NorTech 450 Sport is quite large and therefore it may be difficult to get into some of the smallest ports within the Florida coast. This boat is best in deeper waters as it carries a lot of weight. However, there is no worry if you happen upon a bit of underlying debris as the hull is comprised of a strong mix of sandwiched fiberglass and Kevlar fibers.


  • Length:                                 45’
  • Beam:                                   12’
  • Draft:                                    30 – 34”
  • Weight:                                20,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                     500 Gallons

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