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NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom Boat Review

NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom Boats

Performance and Style at its Best

The need for speed becomes quite apparent when out on the ocean watching other boats whizzing past. There is however no need to be left in their wake when you have the right vessel. The NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat is the boat you have been waiting for no matter if you are merely looking for speed or perhaps need more from the boat. This boat has been designed inside and out to be the best on the waterways and one drive will quickly prove that to you. The NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat will keep you moving and leave all others in the past.

What About the Power

There is nothing more important in a boat than available power. A boat without a powerful motor is nothing more than a powerless ocean weight dead in the water. The NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat is among the most powerful vessels on the waterways throughout Florida and all coastlines with twin engines carrying you all the way there. There are a number of options when it comes to the type of motors available as NorTech prides itself on allowing customers to customize to their unique specifications, but for boats in Florida the twin Mercury 135hp racing motors have all the power you will ever need.

Features Throughout

Some boats tend to be simply one-note vessels, but NorTech has always been a company that takes great pride in offering sophisticated boats with a variety of different uses. The NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat is among the top boats because of its amazing versatility. The designers have taken excellent care to produce a Vee bottom boat that is among the most versatile on the market by adding key features such as the steering column on either side of the vessel. This allows for the steering wheel to be mounted one side or the other for maximum comfort for the driver. The cockpit area is also equipped with two large, up to 15” screens along with the latest in Livorsi Gages for total control at all times.

Comfort Where You Need It Most

Comfort is an essential part of any boating excursion and some vessels only offer the minimum in comfortable features. The NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat was designed with comfort throughout. The seating above deck is comprised of standard seating for 5 people with two at the helm and three in the rear of the vessel. There is an additional seating option available for bench seating behind the front seats, but that can also be converted into a cooler if not needed. No matter where you go, you and your passengers will able to ride in both style and comfort while in motion.

For the times when the sun becomes a bit too much or just a little rest is in order, there is a cabin below deck featuring a queen-sized berth as well as stereo system, air conditioner, and a fully functioning galley. Thee NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat was also designed with the basic essentials in mind and comes with a complete head. The head contains a shower, sink, and toilet facilities as well to ensure that no matter the need, it is taken care of in total comfort.

Catch Some Rays

Many boats boast a large deck that allows for a bit of sun soaked fun, but a large deck is not always needed. The designers and engineers for the NorTech 477 SPX Vee Bottom boat have conveniently integrated a sun lounge into the design of the boat. While the boat is not in motion, the large sun deck allows for two sun bathers to enjoy the sun with two sun loungers directly above the engine compartment. This vessel may not be the largest of the NorTech fleet, but it definitely has all the features you want for any sea excursion.


  • Length:                                 47’
  • Beam:                                   9’
  • Draft:                                    3’12”
  • Weight:                               13,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      310 Gallons

Selling Your Boat?

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4.15 Out of 5

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