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NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom Boat Review

NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom Boats

Among the Best for So Many Reasons

The NorTech brand has become synonymous with excellent quality and luxurious boats. Year after year they produce some of the most popular boats found anywhere within the Florida area. Their attention to the seemingly small details and quality of boats produced have enabled the company to rise to such a high status within the boating community. They are continuing that impressive tradition with the NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat for sale which is already among the most popular boats on the waters today.

Power Where It Counts

Power if packed behind every NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat with the ability to choose the type of engine desired. Three of your choice of Mercury Racing 525s or Yama 315 Diesels come standard on the vessel, but can be equipped with practically any type motor to suit your tastes. No matter which engine configuration chosen, you will have enough power to sail across the waters and power through any waves the ocean wishes to throw your way.

Available Features

The features found on the NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat are almost too numerous to mention. The fact that NorTech allows for full customization of most of these features enables you to have the boat built to your every specification. Standard features however are enough to make any avid boater satisfied and include a rear sun deck with a convenient swim platform and comfortable seating throughout the cockpit area.

The interior cabin is as luxurious as that you would find on a much larger bat. It features enough space to sleep 6 people comfortably. The home away from home design also allows for a full galley with microwave, carbon fiber counter tops, refrigerator, and hot water heater to ensure that you are comfortable no matter where your travels take you. In addition, you have access to a full head with shower toilet and sink with enough room to move around in comfortably. With these features, the NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat for sale is able to compete with much larger vessels without compromising on the maneuverability of the vessel.


A boat is not very useful in deep ocean voyages if it does not have the proper navigation equipment onboard to keep you going in the right direction. The NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat is among the most user-friendly vessels on the market today with easy to read dials and a larger than normal navigation screen. All controls are ergonomically designed to ensure that the driver is able to control the boat with ease and the wrap around splash guard ensures that both the driver as well as the other passengers do not have to worry about the ocean spray coming in from the sides of the vessel. The NorTech 500 Vee Bottom boat was designed by people who understand what the boater wants and they ensured that all was delivered in this model.

Wherever You Want to Go

Some boats work to restrict access to certain parts of the ocean and along the coast line, but the NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat is among the most adaptable vessels as it is not too large to be maneuvered into the smaller ports, but large enough to house all of the occupant’s personal needs. Taking this boat into any port in Florida is easy and that gives you many options of where to spend your time. The boat is fully equipped with the latest in navigation as well as comforts comparable to some of the most luxurious hotels throughout the world, so a few days at sea is the perfect way to get away for a while.

There are many boats on the water today, but if you are among the many wishing to stand out from the crowd, the NorTech 5000 Vee Bottom boat for sale is the boat for you. The customization options are many and also include the ability to choose the graphics you want on your boat, so you can have a vessel that stands on its own in the crowd, but is not just a pretty face.


  • Length:                                 51’9”
  • Beam:                                   9’
  • Draft:                                    3.5’
  • Weight:                               15,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      300 Gallons

Selling a Boat?

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4.29 Out of 5

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