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NorTech 550 Outboard Boat Review

NorTech 550 Outboard Boats

Leaving Other Center Consoles in its Wake

Center console boats are found throughout the Florida area and on all coastlines. The draw to these vessels is their ultimate versatility. However, the problem can come in when all center console vessels look exactly alike. If you love the versatility of the average center console, yet want something a bit more to turn heads, there is nothing better on the market today than the NorTech 550 Outboard.

Attention to the Most Important Details

It can be relatively easy to produce a boat that will float along the water, but it takes attention to the small details to ensure that the hull of that vessel is strong and durable enough to handle anything the seas can throw its way. NorTech is known for producing spectacularly beautiful vessels, but they also understand that the need for a strong hull. The NorTech 550 Outboard is equipped with the strongest hull available. The designers used a mix of fiberglass and Kevlar to reinforce the hull to ensure that it could stand up to more abuse than the standard boat on the market today. The strength and durability of the hull onboard the NorTech 550 Outboard will allow for maximum use with minimum worry.

Versatility at its Best

A boat is much better when it is versatile. A one note vessel does not allow for multiple uses and not everyone can have a boat designated for each purpose. The NoTech 550 Outboard has notably become one of the most popular boats on the waterways today due to its overall versatility. The uses for this boat make it able to be used as a wonderful day boat or even an excellent fishing vessel when equipped accordingly. The customization options are endless when you purchase from NorTech, so you are able to get the graphics, seating arrangements, and any extra storage areas needed to make the boat to be exactly what you need it for.

Stretch Out a While

A trip out onto the water for a day of fun is no fun when the boat being taken is small and cramped. The design of the standard center console allows for the most deck space possible because the helm is in the center of the vessel with deck space on all sides of that area. The standard center console vessel allows for maximum deck space to allow for free movement throughout the boat. The NorTech 550 Outboard takes that notion to an entirely new level by offering the most deck space available on any center console area.

The space onboard the NorTech 550 Outboard is maximized by wrap around seating that can be customized to house storage areas as well as coolers. Seating is found in the bow of the boat as well as at the stern and in the front of the helm, but the best part about this remarkable boat is the chance to stretch out for a while on the two rear facing lounge chairs. Once you have reached your destination, simply stretch out, relax, and soak up some sun.

Power the Way You Want It

Power in any boat is essential, but not always available to be customized. NorTech understands that some customers crave the maximum amount of power with the most engines, but others may not want to spend the extra money to have the extra power to keep fuel costs at a minimum. With the NorTech 550 Outboard, customers are able to choose whether they want triple engines or even quad engines and they also get the choice of brands. The brands available include Verano, Mercury, Yamaha, and practically any motor that suits your individual taste The NorTech 550 Outboard is made specifically to the specifications of their clients to ensure that they are always happy with the boat they get. There are some companies that allow for some customization options, but NorTech is one of the few that put the boat completely in the customer’s hands.


  • Length:                                 56’
  • Beam:                                   12’
  • Draft:                                    36”
  • Weight:                                25,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                     500 Gallons

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