Yellowfin 34 Offshore Boat Review

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The Boat that is Just Right

Boats come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different types of boating, but some are simply too small to have any enjoyment in a deep-sea fishing environment while others are too large to effectively maneuver through many areas. The designers at Yellowfin have come up with the perfect solution that is not too large or too small. It is the Yellowfin 34 Offshore and this remarkable boat is all you will ever need for fishing as well as a day out on the water with friends and family.

Motor Options

Due to the mid-range size of the Yellowfin 34 Offshore, the motor options are remarkably adaptable. Unlike the larger vessels that must be powered by at least three and sometimes four powerful motors, the Yellowfin 34 Offshore boats easily cruises along the waterways with twin 350 outboard motors. The mid-sized vessel has no trouble taking on the ocean waters with these two motors, but should you require a little more bank for your buck, three motors are available as well. The choices for motor brands are up to you, but the most popular seem to be the Mercury as more vessels within the Florida area have the Mercury brand than any other.


The motors of a vessel are only part of its ability to perform. The true performance of any boat is found within the hull design of the vessel. Many of the older vessels relied on a perfectly smooth hull design, but it was found to increase the drag of the boat. The new vessels including the Yellowfin 34 Offshore boats have adapted the hull to be far more fuel efficient as well as offer a smoother ride with a stepped hull design. This feature gives this Yellowfin center console boat the ability to better take on waves and take turns without causing the boat to become unstable.

Speed on board the Yellowfin 34 Offshore boat is no problem at all. The powerful twin or triple motors work in seamless harmony with the two-step hull design to take you anywhere you want to go. Just how fast you arrive is up to you. The max speed with the right motors powering the vessel is a staggering 67 mph, but you do not have to max out the Yellowfin 34 Offshore in order to have a performance packed afternoon on the water. It sails along perfectly at 40 mph with a fast cruise speed of approximately 50mph. There is no end to the performance capabilities of the Yellowfin34 Offshore boats.

Fish with Ease

Being a spectacular performance fishing vessel is the true intention of the Yellowfin 34 Offshore. Although it can be adapted to more of a leisure boat experience, its true heart is on the fishing grounds deep in the ocean. The options for the fisherman are endless when it comes to available storage on board the Yellowfin 34 Offshore, but the standard options are well-adapted for most fishing needs. The boat is equipped with a 50-gallon live well to keep your bait swimming and happy until they are needed. There is an additional 70-gallon bait well storage options with the twin engine model or a 50-gallon option if you simply must have the three-engine model

Fish storage is available on the Yellowfin 34 Offshore boats for sale as well with more storage than you will likely use on any fishing excursion. The storage begins with the huge 530 qt. macerated fish box that can be found underneath the deck, but a coffin box option is available as well. Throughout the deck area there are three additional storage areas for fishing equipment or overflow from the standard fish box.

Intelligent Design

The Yellowfin 34 Offshore boats are full of small design features that make it among the most adaptable and well-equipped fishing vessels around. The designers wanted to maximize the usability of the boat by offering recessed hand rails that provide the utmost in stability without getting in the way of casting and reeling in the fish. In addition to this smart feature, the Yellowfin 34 also features a well-equipped head within the console of the boat to provide the fisherman, crew, and family with a sink, toilet, and shower facilities when they are needed.


  • Length:                                 34’8”
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Weight:                                 8,800 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                     419 Gallons
  • Motors:                                Twin or Triple Outboards
  • Max HP :                               1,250

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3.50 Out of 5

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