Boston Whaler 230 Outrage Boat Review

Boston Whaler 230 Outrage Boats

Life is Sweet on the Water in a Boat You Love

Life on the water is a fun experience, but it can be diminished when you are not truly connected with the vessel you employ. There are many different boats on the market today and finding the perfect one for you might not seem so easy, but when you have a trusted name like Boston Whaler added to your boat, the experience becomes much more than simply average. The Boston Whaler 230 outrage boats for sale today carry the name of their maker perfectly and carry on the rich tradition of the brand. If you love the water and want to enjoy your every experience you have on it, this is the boat for you.

Power and Performance

Having a powerful boat is one of the most important things when heading out onto the water in Florida. The rough sea conditions can wreak havoc on a standard boat, but the Boston Whaler 230 Outrage boat is certainly not an average vessel. The boat comes with a 350 HP max which is more than enough power when coupled with the expert performance design of the boat. The choice in motors is up to the customer as Boston Whaler understands that their customers like choices. The motors come in either black and white and with the option of command thrust depending on the model chosen. The standard motor offered is a 225 XXL L6 DTS Mercury Verado, but other options include the 115 EXLPT EEF four stroke, the 150 CXL, and the 250 XXL L6 DTS. For a bit more power, the owner can choose from the 300 XXL L6 DTS and the 350.

Fish All Around

It is a common misconception that fishing happens in only one area of the boat. The standard boat design allows for all of the fishing amenities to be located in the rear of the vessel and the bow tends to be more for entertaining. Thee Boston Whaler 230 Outrage boats for sale have been designed to be among the best fishing vessels on the market today because they understand the needs of the fisherman. Instead of having to contend with obstructions and awkward design features, this boat allows you to fish all around the boat. The center console boat configuration gives anglers the utmost in maneuverability when reeling in the big catch of the day. You do not have to simply fight the fish in one area, but are free to move as the fish does maximizing your ability to successfully get the catch into the boat. The fish boxes located in the deck of the vessel allow you to bring the catch fully into the boat without losing it over the side and the rear seats fold completely into the sides of the vessel for maximum maneuverability

Attention to Details

Too many boats these days are simply designed to be as basic as possible. There is little thought into what the customer needs and that severely limits the usability of the vessel. The Boston Whaler 230 Outrage boats for sale were designed to allow for the most use from the vessel. This includes the design of the helm station itself. The ergonomically designed features allow the captain to take charge of the vessel with confidence and the optional bolster allows for sitting or standing at the helm for maximum comfort. The station maintains a clean design with space for multiple navigation screens and multiple radio systems if needed. The seating is comfortable and maintains space for an optional cooler beneath the twin helm seating arrangement. Behind the helm seating, another feature lets you know that the designers truly care about the customer. The rear portion of the seat folds down to reveal an expansive bait prep station.


Length:                                 23’

Beam:                                   8’ 6”

Weight:                               3,800 lbs.

Draft:                                    18.5”

Max HP:                               350

Fuel Capacity:                    110 Gallons

Capacity:                             10 People

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