Chris Craft 21 Capri Series Boat Review

Chris Craft Capri Series Boats

Exceptional Beauty Throughout

A boat with all the features needed for a journey, yet without style is lacking in today’s world. There are countless boats on the waterways of the world today, but many simply lack a personality with expert styling. Chris Craft boats are world-renowned not only for their amazing features, but most often for their old-world style design that makes them truly unique among the sea of boats. Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats for sale are the epitome of perfection and if you desire both a perfectly appointed boat as well as true style throughout, this is the vessel for you.

Power and Performance

Any boat may look good on the water, but style extends far beyond that of appearance. Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats for sale have been styled to be reminiscent of the old style of boats from the 20s, but the features of the motors enable it to keep up with other runabouts in the same class with absolutely no problem. Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats are powered by your choice of engine. The options available are the Mercury V8 300 B3 DTS and the Mercury V88 350 B3 DTS. There are additional motor options for those that prefer the Volvo brand motors. The two Volvo options are the V8 CE 5.3L 300 DP FWC EVC and the V8 CE 5.3L 350 DP FWC EVC. In addition to these amazing choices the owner can opt for push button start selectable exhaust, and a host of other engine options depending on which engine they choose.

Stunning Features

Cruising across the water is an extremely exciting experience, but what is more exciting is to look good while you do it. Chris Craft boats are one of the most distinct boats on the water. It is not often heard of that a boat manufacturer spends so much time on the design of a considerably small run about type boat, but Chris Craft is different in that respect. They understand that quality manufacturing and attention to the smallest details are what make excellent boats no matter the size. The Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats are the perfect example of true excellence as every feature of the vessel has been meticulously thought out by the designers at Chris Craft. From the inlaid teak wood grains to the fact that the front seats swivel for the best in onboard entertaining, this is the boat that will get you anywhere you want to be and turn all heads while doing it.

At the Helm

The helm of Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats are truly unique when compared to the helms of today. It maintains that retro style with a central design in which the gages, controls, and navigation screens are in the center of the dash. The captain of the vessel is able to utilize the seats to either stand with a back rest or sit in perfect comfort for long excursions. The angled windshield of the vessel gives the captain the best view possible without being overly large.

Where to Go

The Chris Craft 21 Capri Series boats are traditional runabouts, meaning that it is perfect for short jaunts from one port to another. It has the speed and capabilities to take you deep into the water for some fun but is best as a transportation and small leisure vessel. The size of the boat makes it the perfect solution for anyone heading into smaller ports and can easily be taken from one coast to another via a standard boat trailer.


  • Length:                                 21’2”
  • Beam:                                   7’11”
  • Weight:                               4,300 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    34 Gallons
  • Max People:                      5

Chris Craft 21 Capri Series Boats for Sale?

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4.00 Out of 5

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