Chris Craft 21 Carina Series Boat Review

Chris Craft 21 Carina Series Boats

Go Anywhere in True Style

Boats are found throughout the Florida coast line, but not all boats are created the same way. Some boat manufacturers tend to attempt to maximize their overall profits my producing many boats throughout the year. Chris Craft manufactures boats on a much smaller scale to ensure the quality of every vessel they produce. The Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats for sale are among the most beautiful and well-crafted boats on the market today. This Chris Craft boat is sure to turn heads and is definitely not of the mass-produced variety of boats that are so often seen in the Florida.

Power to Move

Luxury appointed vessels such as Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats can probably get by with an average engine due to the exceptional quality found throughout the boat, but the designers understand that there is far more to the boat than looks. That is why they offer four different motor choices depending on the brand and speed desired. The choices begin with the Mercury V8 6.2L 300 HP B3 DTS and the Mercury V8 6.2L 350 HP B3 DTS. The Mercury is the most popular motor brand in Florida, but some prefer the Volvo engines. The Volvo options come in the form of the V8 CE 5.3L 300 PH DP FWC EVC and the V-8 CE 5.3L 350 HP DP FWC EVC. Power and performance are essential and the Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats are designed with that in mind.

Room to Move

The ability to move around the standard boat is not always an option. For one only at 21’2” you may think that it is too small for you and your guests, but the Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats are remarkably designed to maximize space. Not only is there space for guests to sit behind the helm and at the stern of the boat, but there is also wrap-around seating at the bow of the boat. When the boat is anchored, there is even more space with two large lounge areas at the stern of the boat. These Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats for sale are certainly not the largest boats on the water, but with the smart styling and the attention to small detail, it will be everything you want it to be.

Comfort Throughout

It is not simply enough to have ample seating on board a boat. A lot of time can be spent at sea and the time can be miserable if the seating is not comfortable. All seats and features throughout the Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats are made to be of the highest quality. Siting for long periods of time on the standard boat may be fine for some, but taking friends and family out in this boat will make you not want to come back to shore. The expert craftsmanship and the hand stitched design of the seats enable you and your guests to relax and let the luxury surround you.

Exceptional Accent Features

Features on any boat are a bonus, but the craftsmanship is not always so apparent. The Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats for sale are crafted to be the best and that includes chrome accents throughout the vessel. The chrome accents are found around the helm seating as well as on every aspect of hardware throughout the boat and the one unmistakably Chris Craft aspect is the iconic horn situated perfectly on the driver’s side of the vessel. The designers have taken the time to make the Chris Craft 21 Carina Series boats the best yet, and boaters of all ages and types will marvel at this spectacularly beautiful boat.


  • Length:                                 21’2”
  • Beam:                                   7’11”
  • Weight:                               4,300 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    34 Gallons
  • Person Capacity:              7

Chris Craft 21 Carina Series Boats for Sale?

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