Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series Boat Review

Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series Boats

Above and Beyond Expectations

Boat design can sometimes become monotonous. When all the effort is placed on updating the technology and no effort is put forth with the actual design features, boats tend to begin to run together and all look the same. Chris Craft is world-renowned for producing exceptionally crafted boats and their Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series is continuing that rich tradition. Taking a ride in this boat will not just get you where you are going, it will have every head turning to look throughout the trip.

Engine Possibilities

The heart of any boat is found within the motor powering it through the water. For some, it is a matter of maximizing horsepower by offering as many motors as can be placed behind the boat. Chris Craft views things a lot differently and prefers to have less motors for more practicality. The Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series is the perfect example of how this powerful boat can outmatch the competition without too many motors behind. There are eight choices for motors for the Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series beginning with the ever-popular Mercury motors. The Mercury V8 6.2L B3 DTS is available in both the 300 and the 350 HP options. The Mercury V8 82L B3 FWC DTS is available in the 380 and 430 HP options. For the Volvo lovers out there, the Volvo v8 CE 5.3L DP FWC EVC is available in the 300 ad 350HP options. The Volvo V8 CE 6.0L 380 HP DP FWC EVC and the Volvo V8 CE 430 HP DP EVC FWC are available as well.

Amazing Style

Styling a boat is no easy task. It takes a keen eye for detail and an instinct to know what people really want from their vessel. The Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series is the perfect example of expert styling. As with all Chris Craft boats, their classic style comes largely from the inlaid teak that makes up the deck, swim platform, and bow of the boat. This style is a nod to the 20s when all boats were made in this style. In addition to this remarkably striking feature, the Chris Craft Corsair Series maintains the beautiful chrome accents throughout the boat and that includes the iconic horn that these boats are so famous for having.

Room for Everyone

The standard runabout boat does not tend to have a considerable amount of room for much more than just a few people. The Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series has been designed to be much larger than the standard runabout and therefore you are able to take along many more people. The capacity of this vessel is a staggering 10 people accommodated by two swivel helm seating and wrap around seating. In addition to the room throughout the vessel for everyone to move freely, the cabin offers the ability for two people to sleep comfortably and even has space for a porti-potti style toilet beneath the center cushion of the berth.

Where to Go

The size of the Chris Craft 27 Corsair Series makes it easy to transport by trailer or simply run along the Florida coastline to your next destination. The styling of this vessel is unique in that owners can easily bring it to any port and watch heads turn. The Chris Craft 27 Corsair is not just a pretty face. The strength of the hull enables it to stand up to the sandy shore without difficulty. This is a beautiful and strong boat that was made just for you.


Length:                                 26’ 8”

Beam:                                   8’6”

Weight:                               6,000 lbs.

Fuel Capacity:                    82 Gallons

Capacity:                             10 People

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4.00 Out of 5

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