Chris Craft 29 Catalina Series Boat Review

Chris Craft 29 Catalina Series Boats

The Dream Center Console Has Arrived

When people think of Chris Craft boats images of classic looking runabouts and luxury vessels come to mind. The Chris Craft boats of today are some of the most beautiful boats for sale, but this exceptional company is expanding its once limited horizons by offering center consoles with the convenience of the style of boat along with the unbeatable luxurious quality of Chris Craft. The Chris Craft 29 Catalina Series boats for sale will blow your perception of what a center console should be right out of the water.

Power and Performance

For today’s boaters, a boat cannot simply look good sitting in the water. It has to have the performance capabilities boaters want with the speed to back it all up. The Chris raft 29 Catalina Series boats for sale are truly beautiful center console boats, but it is much more than just a pretty face. This boat offers a wider flare than most other center consoles on the market that contribute to the dry ride of the vessel. It also offers twin outboards that power the vessel through the water like a champ. The engine options include two from Mercury and one from Yamaha. The Mercury options are the Verado 300 PSHP 4 strokes and the 350 PSHP four strokes. If your preferred engine is Yamaha, the 300 PSHP four stroke is sure to please.

Comfort at the Helm

Luxurious features are great, but if the captain is not happy, no one will be happy. The Chris Craft 29 Catalina Series offers the utmost in comfort for the captain and guest with two full captain’s chairs at the helm. The fully adjustable seats with built in armrests ensure that no matter the size of the captain, he or she is able to pilot the vessel in pure comfort. The helm station itself also maintains that impeccable ergonomic design that the brand is famous for and room for up too two full size recessed navigation screens. The hardtop for the boat is integrated with customizable lighting, so even when running at night, it is easy to see everything for a 360 degree view.

Luxury and Convenience

The standard center console boat is a little more than a way to get out on the water, but the Chris Craft 29 Catalina Series is designed to be more. Where some center consoles will have an average porta potti style head compartment, this boat takes things a bit further. The full head not only features a toilet, and sink, but also a full size berth perfect for two to sleep comfortably maximizing the overall versatility of the vessel. The luxury and comfort features however are not just limited to the cabin beneath.

Up on deck guests have the opportunity to enjoy the sun in the expansive bow space. The wrap around seating gives a place for conversation with the option of an additional table insert for meals onboard. When it is time to truly relax, the center console seating area offers two full loungers with armrests for maximum comfort on any journey. The transom area of the boat also offers the option of a table insert and wrap around bench seating that stores conveniently into the sides of the boat to maximize movement when not in use.


  • Length:                              29’
  • Beam:                               10’ 2”
  • Weight:                             8,700 lbs.
  • Draft:                                 21”
  • Fuel Capacity:                  198 Gallons
  • Water Capacity:               31 Gallons
  • Human Capacity:             12 People

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