Cobia 21 Bay Boat Review

Cobia 21 Bay Boats

Everything a Bay Boat Should Be

There is not always an emphasis on design within smaller boats such as bay boats. These supposed basic boats however are among the most popular boats in the Florida area due to their versatility and ability to glide seamlessly along the small inlets and shallow areas of the state. Such a prominent place with boating enthusiasts deserves respect and Cobia has designed their newest bay boat to be the best on the market. The Cobia 21 Bay boats for sale have quickly made a name for themselves and one of the best designed small boats for sale on the market today.

Power and Performance

It takes a substantial amount of power to contend with the rigors of the water when heading out deep into the ocean, but when trolling along the coast or simply heading up into the inlets in and around Florida, the power can be a bit less. That might sound like a negative, but for the budget conscious boater, that simply meant that there will be less money spend on fueling the boat. The 55 gallons fuel capacity of the Cobia 21 Bay boats are perfect for the vessel as the boat is powered by a single four stroke engine. The performance however is never stifled and Cobia even offers three options for the motors onboard the boat. The standard option is the F115 XB and the two additional options are the F150 XB and the F150 SCA. You will love the power, performance, and versatility of this Cobia boat.

Storage Capabilities

Storage on a standard bay boat can be a bit of a challenge. These vessels are supposed to be designed to be optimum for fishing in a variety of waters, but without ample storage, fishing can become more of a chore than a fun sport. Cobia 21 Bay boats for sale have been designed to offer the fisherman all of the storage they could want for all types of gear. The storage options begin in the bow area. This is where an extensive amount of storage space can be found with a large dry storage box along with port and starboard side storage areas as well. The compression latches on all of these storage areas enable you to lift the lid without it slamming back down on you as you place items within. Dual rod holders are within this area as well. The bonus to this type of storage is that the space keeps the rods secure and extends to the very bow of the boat, so even longer rods are easily housed.

Storage is also found behind the center console seat that doubles as a cooler. The backrest opens up to reveal a convenient tackle storage area to organize and store smaller gear. This space opens up even more to reveal a dry storage area for towels as well as easy access to the electrical components of the center console. In the stern of the boat, the storage options continue with storage beneath the cushions of the fold away seats. The live well is also in this area and has been designed to maximize fishability. The water level within the bait well can be adjusted to house larger or smaller bait depending on the needs of the day.

Smart Features

The designers of the Cobia 21 Bay boats were truly thinking about the ongoing quality of the boat when they designed it. The rear seats do fold down like with many other bay boats, but what is so special about these seats is in the way they fold away. Instead of putting all the pressure on the cushions, the seats fold into the back deck itself. The pressure remains on the hard portion of the deck rather than the cushions. This allows the cushions to last longer and when stepping up onto the platform to cast your line, you never have to worry about the seat pushing into the cushion posing a tripping hazard. The Cobia 21 Bay boats for sale are designed to be among the best bay boats on the market today.


Length:                                 21’ 1”

Beam:                                   8’ 4”

Draft:                                    13”

Fuel Capacity:                    55 Gallons

Max HP:                               200

Capacity:                             7 People or 1400 lbs.

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