Cobia 237 CC Boat Review

Cobia 237 Center Console Boats

Perfect Size and Perfectly Equipped

Cobia is a company that is renowned for producing excellent boats, but none have made quite the impact that the Cobia 237 CC boats for sale have made. This boat has become one of the Cobia brand’s top sellers and it is certainly no wonder with the truly remarkable features found on the vessel. Other boats may be larger, but the Cobia 237 CC boats are so well-equipped for both fishing and family boating that you may not even notice any other boats on the water.

Power How You Want It

Depending on the different customer, there will be different needs when it comes to power onboard a boat. With the Cobia 237 CC boats the customer is able to choose what is right for them. The standard boat comes with a single F300NCa, but if more power is required for deeper sea treks, the option is available to upgrade to twin engines with the options of F115XB, F150XB, or F150XCA. These engine options will ensure that you are able to use the boat how you want to with the dependability backed by the trusted name of Yamaha. Your Cobia 237 CC boat can take you anywhere you want to be.

Intelligent Features

One of the best things about designing a boat is the ability to change things up when you want to. The designers of the Cobia 237 CC boats for sale are among the best in the world and they worked to solve specific problems that other boat companies refuse to address. Such attributes of this vessel are the recessed handrails that allow for easy movement throughout the boat without snagging, but are always around for stability. Other notable features are the latches for all of the storage on board. Instead of wrestling with putting a fish into a fish box that is continually closing or having someone hold it for you, the designers have installed a system that holds the compartment open and closes tightly when pressurized latches. These features are just a few of the amazing aspects of the remarkable Cobia 237 CC boats.

Creature Comforts

Boating in the standard center console does not always leave room for the creature comforts we all love, but the Cobia 237 CC boats for sale maintain those creature comforts and makes them an option on the boat. One of the most important features is this Cobia center console boat is the available head. This option is simply unavailable due to the small size of the standard center console, but the designers of the Cobia 237 CC boats have found a way to make the fully functioning head accessible through the console of the boat. Not only will you be able to have the creature comforts you need, you will also have full access to the systems within the console for maintenance purposes and natural light from the small, but functional window.

Seats When You Need Them

The need for seating in a boat is a necessity, but different boaters require different seating arrangements. The Cobia 237 CC boats are perfectly adaptable to your individual needs. The bow of the boat can be fashioned to house extra storage, wrap around seating, or even a mixture of boat. In front of the console, the forward-facing seat houses a large cooler. At the transom of the Cobia 237 CC boat is where the most innovative seating is. This seat stows away when it is time for fishing and folds down for sitting while the boat is in motion. The other wonderful aspect about this seat is that it gives full access to the transom area for maintenance.


Length:                                 23’07”

Beam:                                   8’10”

Fuel Capacity:                    120 Gallons

Max HP:                               300

Weight:                               3,500 lbs.

Cobia 237 CC Boats for Sale?

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3.00 Out of 5

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