Cobia 280 Dual Console Boat Review

Cobia 280 Dual Console Boats

The Boat for All Boating Needs

With all of the boating options available today, it can be quite a task to find a boat that truly suits everything you need. Some people prefer fishing while others prefer leisure boating, and still some want nothing more than to have fun on the water with a variety of water sports. The Cobia 280 Dual Console boats for sale are among the best on the market due to their extreme versatility. If you want it all while out on the waterways of Florida, this is the boat to have.

Power and Performance

The ability of a boat to properly perform on the water is essential to the overall happiness of the owner. With such a versatile boat as the Cobia 280 Dual Console boat, you can bet the performance comes standard. This Cobia boat can power through anything on the water with a high strength hull design that can stand up to waves and glide seamlessly onto sandbars, but most of the performance power in this vessel comes from the available engines. To maintain optimal performance, but also keep fuel efficiency in mind, the designers opted for a twin engine configuration. The two options available are the F200 XCA and the F250 NCSA for those that want to use the maximum amount of horsepower available. No matter which you choose, you will enjoy the powerful sturdy ride Cobia 280 Dual Console boats bring to the table. Speed can range up to 50 mph with a cruising speed of around 30. Fuel efficiency of the vessel is around 2 mpg at cruise speed.

Perfect for Entertaining

Boating is not always about heading out to the fishing grounds. Sometimes it is about taking family and friends for a day out on the water. Cobia 280 Dual Console boats for sale have some of the best features available onboard to keep everyone happy all day long. One of the most notable is the spacious head compartment. This area of the boat can often be cramped and offers little more than a simple porta potti style toilet. The upgraded head on the Cobia 280 Dual Console maintains an electric marine toilet, sink, and freshwater faucet for freshening up during the excursion. Starboard side of the vessel can be equipped with extra seating, but the best option if you want to entertain is the kitchenet that can be equipped with a two burner stove, refrigerator, and sink. When it is time to eat, a table insert can be placed at either the bow or the stern for the best alfresco dining experience.

Time to Fish

The true versatility of Cobia 280 Dual Console boats are not fully felt until you take it out for a day of fishing. The boat has been designed to truly be everything you need it to be with two 41 gallon insulated fish boxes within the cockpit area and a 25 gallon live bait well at the transom. Throughout the deck, you can find plenty of space to store your gear as well as a cooler beneath the aft facing lounger for drinks and snacks. Fishing is easy onboard this boat as the deck remains uncluttered when the transom seating areas simply fold into the sides of the boat.

At the Helm

When taking the Cobia 280 Dual Console boat out for any excursion, the captain always has the best seat in the house. The updated captain’s chair can be used as a standard seat while in motion, or the flip up bolster can be employed to allow you to pilot the vessel they way that is right for you. Throughout the cockpit area, the controls are easily managed, and lockable storage compartments keep your valuables away from any unforeseen weather. The dash is fully customizable and remains open for up to a 12 inch navigation screen to get you exactly where you want to be every time.


Length:                                                 27’ 7”

Beam:                                                   9’ 8”

Draft:                                                    23”

Fuel Capacity:                                    172 Gallons

Max HP:                                               500

Weight:                                               5.680 lbs.

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