Hatteras 59 GT Convertible

Hatteras 59 GT Convertible

Designed for Speed

The Hatteras 59 GT Convertible is specifically designed for the tournament fisherman/woman. The design is for a team with capabilities to push the limits of the vessel up to 40 knots. At the same time, Hatteras has designed these yachts so that when teams are on a multi-day competition or just out on a fishing adventure, that those utilizing the Hatteras 59 GT Convertible yacht can have a sleeping and leisure space that does not constrict and confine those aboard.

Hatteras 59 GT Convertible yachts for sale are a showcase of modern design mixed with traditional iconic features. It is a coupling of innovation and engineering focused on functionality as well as timeless aesthetics. Here are a few key features of this convertible yacht to consider.

Tournament ready from the start

The standard Hatteras 59 GT Convertible comes ready for anglers. This Hatteras yacht has integrated rigging and storage throughout. For the fisherman/woman, a boat must have ample space in which to cast. The Hatteras 59 GT Convertible addresses this demand on both the bow and the stern. The bow, when the vessel is not being operated, can serve as a casting deck. There is not a gunwale standard on the yacht, though this is probably something which can be negotiated into construction or added post-market should one so desire.

The stern and transom is where the fishing experience on the convertible is focused. As the motors are inboard and covered, and as the stern has lower walls than the rest of the yacht, deep sea fishing and tournament fishing is ideal on the Hatteras 59 GT Convertible.

The tower

One of the distinctive qualities about the Hatteras 59 GT Convertibles for sale is the tower design and integration with the social and luxurious aesthetics of the yacht. Framed in metal but with the same materials as the hardtop, the tower is split into multiple layers. On the first level you have the standard fishing bridge and at the top you have a modern day crow’s next. Wooden stairs are used from the bridge to the fishing bridge, to help keep the aesthetics and the coupling  of the social with the tournament boat in place.

Cabin configurations

The cabin has a standard layout that accommodates three persons easily. The space is separated into three state rooms, a living and lounging area, bed, and bath. There is the option of using a V bed layout which adds an additional space, though you do sacrifice the larger bed at the bow. Materials for the cabin are a blend of woods and plush leathers for the most part. However, as the company does focus on customization as well as practical integrations of packaging and upgrades, you are apt to find some cabins which have a more luxurious ambiance, especially in the Hatteras 59 GT Convertibles which lean more to the social side then the angler side of the design.


Length Overall: 59’9″ (18.21 m)

Beam: 18’9″ (5.71 m)

Draft: 4’9″ (1.45 m)

Standard Engine (additional option available): Twin Cat C-32A Diesel Engines (1,600 BHP / 1,622 MHP)

Fuel Capacity: 1,750 gal (6,624 L)

Freshwater Capacity: 200 gal (757 L)

Holding Tank Capacity: 120 gal (454 L)

Diesel Generator: 21.5 kW

Waterline Length: 51’9″ (15.77 m)

Weight Displacement: 89,000 lbs (40,370 kg)

Check with your brokerage for information on packaging and layout configurations for your specific yacht as the various features could change the specifications listed above. If purchasing pre-owned Hatteras 59 GT Convertible yachts for sale, have your brokerage schedule an inspection of the twin engines prior to the sale.

Where can you list or purchase a Hatteras 59 GT Convertible Yacht?

Finding Hatteras 59 GT Convertible yacht for sale is easier than you may think. Vessel Vendor works with the top manufacturers, distributors, brands, and vendors to ensure that the yachts which are offered for purchase through our brokerage are top quality. Additionally, our yacht brokers can help you with financing and insuring your vessel, as well as crewing, docking, and maintenance services of your vessel.

Those seeking to list their Hatteras 59 GT Convertible for sale can be confident that they will have the most targeted views possible as your listing will be on a global marketing scale. Additionally, as we work with sites that are catered to pairing qualified boat enthusiasts with listers, your Hatteras 59 GT Convertible is more apt to have inquiries than if you were to solely list the yacht for sale on a third-party vending site.

To find out more about Hatteras 59 GT Convertible yachts, to purchase or list your Hatteras GT Convertible yacht for sale, or if you have any inquiries about our yacht brokerage services, please contact us by filling out the appropriate form on our website. We will contact you regarding your question as quickly as possible.

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