Jupiter 38 Cuddy Boat Review

Jupiter 38 Cuddy Boats

Fishing and Beautiful Accommodations in One Place

Fishing is an excellent way to relax and have a good time, but the fun often has to end once the sun goes down. That is unless, you have a cuddy vessel at the ready to bed down in for the night. There are many to choose from, but when choosing your center console boat why not choose one from a company you already trust for well equipped and durable fishing boats. The Jupiter 38 Cuddy boats for sale today have proven to remain and excellent fishing vessel all while offering space for the fisherman to relax after a long day.

Power and Performance

With most boats, the customer has little choice as to which motors are placed on the back of the vessel. The limited HP rating can keep some boaters from getting the power and performance they truly want. The Jupiter 38 Cuddy boats for sale have an almost limitless HP rating at 1,050, so the customer is able to customize the boat motors on the vessel. Among the most popular choices for engine speed is the twin or triple Yamaha 300s, but the choice is up to the individual owner. The unbelievable speed of the engines combined with the durable designed hull allow for deep sea adventures in all weather conditions for maximum performance capabilities.


The best thing about this Jupiter boat is that it is not just a capable fishing vessel. Much attention to detail has been brought into the interior cabin to provide the utmost comfort for the user. The cabin only sleeps two, but that is certainly not a negative. Even if you are traveling with a crew during the day the dinette area and access to sink, microwave, and fridge will make the trip a lot more comfortable. The fact that the cabin maintains a full head compartment with all of the amenities is another bonus for fisherman a crew. When the sun does go down and the crew have left for the day, the captain and guest are able to sleep comfortably within the cabin space by lowing the table and moving the cushions to the center. With the flat screen television insert at the bow of the vessel, the couple can enjoy time together with complete comfort all around.


You cannot call a fishing vessel anything more than an average boat if the fishability aspects are not there. The Jupiter 38 Cuddy boats have fishing at its core, so throughout the vessel you have plenty of access to rod holders and space to store gear, but possibly the best area for proving fishability is the bait prep station. This space houses an extremely large 53 gallon live bait well along with convenient rod holders, freshwater sink, tackle storage, and even a cushion to allow the space to be used as a seat when not prepping bait. Within the deck of the boat, the crew have access to two 104 gallon macerated fish boxes and a freshwater washdown system.

Where most fishing vessels choose to have a transom door, the design of the Jupiter 38 Cuddy boat is a little different. The transom door can be a bit awkward to use due to its orientation to the engines, so the door has been moved to the side. This allows for easy and safe getting off and on the vessel, but it also works with the fisherman when hauling in a large fish. The fish can go strait from the water, through the door, and into the waiting fish box with latch assist lid. There is less of a chance the fish will be lost overboard and the latch assist holds the fish box open so someone else does not have to. This boat is a fisherman’s dream whether they are looking to fish with the family, a whole crew, or just a few close friends. The Jupiter 38 Cuddy boats for sale have fishability all well in hand.


Length:                                 38’ 2”

Beam:                                   10’ 7”

Draft:                                    24”

Max HP:                               1,050

Fuel Capacity:                    315 Gallons

Water Capacity:               50 Gallons

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