Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC Boat Review

Mako Pro Skiff 21 Center Console Boats

The Skiff You Have Been Waiting For

There is not always a reason to head deep into the ocean for excellent fishing. Fishing right along the coast and in the small inlets found throughout the Florida area is often much more profitable to the fisherman. The tremendously huge fish are not always present, but there is much fishing to be found along with the fact that utilizing a skiff is much more economical to the average angler. Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boats for sale today are among the most sought-after vessels and here are just a few of the reasons you will want to get your hands on one today.

Power and Performance

For maximum power and performance from the Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boat, the 150 XL Four Stroke motor works exceptionally well. However, there are plenty of option to choose from depending on your needs. The Mercury 115 EXLPT Four Stroke is available in both standard as well as Command Thrust options. The Mercury Pro XS series is an option as well and include the 115 EXLPT Pro XS also with or without Command Thrust. The choice is always yours with Mako and other options may be available for Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boats for sale at additional costs.

360 Degree Fishability

Fish do not tend to come to simply one side of the boat. The fisherman might start his or her experience at the bow or stern of the vessel, but fighting a fish can take you all over the boat. Therefore, the interior must remain accessible and uncluttered at all times. The Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boat has been designed to provide for the fisherman’s every need with a clean deck that remains unobstructed for a 360-degree fishing experience. The deep deck allows you to easily walk without fear of falling in and get right to the edge of the boat to fight the fish all the way in with ease.

Ample Storage

The Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boat is not just about being able to fish, but having plenty of space to keep your catch fresh with ample storage throughout. The deck features extra storage throughout for your fishing gear and even personal item storage at the helm, but the designers incorporated even more storage than the typical skiff might have. The storage begins in front of the center console with a 72-quart cooler beneath the seating area to keep drinks and snacks cold throughout your boating experience. There is an additional 85-quart cooler beneath the helm seating area that can easily be removed when needed. The 28-gallon livewell keeps your bait swimming all day long and fish boxes can be customized to your individual needs.

Unobstructed Seating

There are times on a fishing boat that the seating is only made for comfort with little thought to any multifunctional features. The designers at Mako have constructed Mako Pro Skiff 21 CC boats for sale to be among the most user-friendly vessels you are likely to ever find. The seating is comfortable when needed, but is multi-functional as well. We have already discussed the dual cooler system beneath the seats at the helm and front console area, but the rear split seating arrangement is just as impressive. The rear seats fold down revealing a hard backing to allow the fisherman to have an ample platform to fish from. The bow of the vessel offers an additional sturdy platform for fishing and seating that allows for an easy step onto the bow platform.


Length:                                                 21’ 4”

Beam:                                                   8’

Fuel Capacity:                                    34 Gallons

Capacity:                                             8 People

Max HP:                                               150

Draft:                                                    10”

Dry Weight:                                       2,655 lbs.

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3.13 Out of 5

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