Midnight Express 37 Open Boat Review

Midnight Express 37 Open Boats

Everything You Could Ever Want from a Boat

A truly multi-purpose vessel is not always available, but Midnight Express has found a way to create one that has risen above all others. The Midnight Express 37 Open boats for sale offer everything from fishing to cross oceanic voyages and everything in between. When you own this boat, everything is open to you with nothing excluded. Have it all with this one boat without compromise. Here are just a few of the aspects of this exceptionally designed Midnight Express boat that you are sure to enjoy.

Performance at the Core

The heart of any vessel lies in the available power provided by the motors. For vessels intended for multiple uses such as the Midnight Express 37 Open boats, you can rest assured that the power pushing it through the water is substantial. With this boat, the customer is able to choose the motor they desire whether that be the well-known Yamaha brand or the popular Mercury motors, but that is not the only choice offered to the customer. The choice of either triple or quad engines is available as well. Cruising speed is estimated at around 40 mph, but at full throttle and the right sea conditions, this boat can reach speed in excess of 70 mph. It can get you anywhere you want to be in record time.

Endless Customization Options

Some boat manufacturers tend to stifle the customer by not allowing them to customize key elements of the boat. Midnight Express understands that for a customer to be truly happy with the boat, it has to have every element they want without exception. With Midnight Express 37 Open boats, the customer is completely in charge of every aspect of the boat. From the exterior design and color of the boat all the way down to the design of the bottom of the deck, nothing is off limits for the owner. The boat designers at Midnight Express want all customers to get the boat they want and have the opportunity to experience the water the way they desire.

Extensive Seating

The Midnight Express 37 Open boats for sale were not boats designed for just a few people. It was designed to allow for the boater to bring along all the people they love and allow everyone to remain comfortable throughout the journey. Extensive luxury seating options are a huge part of the design. At the transom of the vessel, where the standard fold down seating option is often located is a five seat full beam seating area with the two end seats housing extra leg rests. The helm seating allows for three adults to sit comfortably and remain locked in while the boat is in motion and the console seating area is two full scale loungers with arm rests for maximum comfort. The bow seating arrangement offers two additional loungers or can be converted into a full lounge area with the available insert. The possibilities are endless, but everyone can be comfortable at all times on board the Midnight Express 37 Open boats.

Easy Access Head Compartment

The head compartment is always a necessity even for short trips into the deep water and on the standard boat, the head area is merely tucked away beneath the center console with a tight side entrance to the area. The designers at Midnight Express changed this design up a bit and now offer the entrance to the head compartment at the front console seating area. The entire area swings wide open for an easy entrance into the space. The space itself is quite expansive and gives you a place to relax or even maintain the controls of the center console area. A clever hydraulic lift system makes the door light as a feather so all can use the space with ease. Smart design and practicality all in one on board the Midnight Express 37 Open boats.


  • Length:                                 37’ 2”
  • Beam:                                   11’ 6”
  • Weight:                               13,000 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    365 Gallons
  • Water Capacity:               45 Gallons

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