NauticStar 244 XTS

NauticStar 244 XTS

A High Performance Bay Boat

Bay boats have become some of the top selling boats for coastal regions throughout Florida. These vessels provide optimal fishability on a smaller platform and glide seamlessly across shallower regions of the state. Even though there are many bay boats to choose from, some companies stand above other brands. The NauticStar 244 XTS boats for sale are one of these high performance vessels that owners are clamoring to get.

Power and Performance

As the official bay boat of Louisiana CCA Star Tournament circuit, the NauticStar 244 XTS remains a performance driven vessel for offshore and inshore fishing at its best. The boat sits high in the water with a draft of merely 14” leading to maximum fuel efficiency and with a high strength deep V hull configuration, the craft slices through even rough waters with ease. A single engine configuration provides optimal propulsion to launch the 244 XTS effortlessly and with up to 300 HP to work with, owners can customize the engine with the exact Yamaha outboard that is right for them.

Smart Storage Options

As with any boat, there is an emphasis on storing gear, bait, and fish onboard the NauticStar 244 XTS. Bait storage is provided within the console with 13 gallon capacity and an aft live well with 37 gallons of space. At the bow, a substantial 30 gallon fish box keeps fish fresh and throughout the vessel anglers enjoy ample space to store rods.

Rod storage begins at the helm with space for up to 6 rods in vertical storage areas (3 port and 3 starboard). Both under gunnel and bow rod storage offers horizontal storage for an additional 12 rods and the addition of 8 rocket launchers provide even more space.

Additional gear storage is found in the aft casting deck of the boat for larger pieces, but designers at NauticStar have integrated a smart feature into the 244 XTS for boaters. A dual tackle station is integrated into the casting deck with organizing trays that slide out with ease to keep everything tucked away safe while fishing.

Updated Helm Station

A typical bay boat merely has a basic helm station, but NauticStar chose to utilize a professional grade upgraded helm station for optimal comfort and usability. The station features a hard T top to keep electronics and guests dry should the weather turn bad and an updated helm seating space featuring dual helm seating with backrest and individual flip up bolsters.

Piloting the vessel remains quite easy with a substantial stainless steel steering column and easy to reach simple controls. Lockable storage and a non-slip foot rest provides comfort and convenience. Dual 14” navigation screens take up the majority of the dash providing an easy to read space for finding fish to get the most out of every excursion. There is no limit to where NauticStar 244 XTS boats can take you and your guests.


  • Length:                                 24’ 6”
  • Beam:                                   102”
  • Draft:                                    14”
  • Max HP:                               300
  • Fuel Capacity:                    74 Gallons
  • Weight:                               2,500 lbs.

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