NorTech 5000 V Boat Review

NorTech 5000 V Boats

Unmatched Quality

Quality boats are not always so easy to find, but if you are among the lucky ones that have found NorTech 5000 boats for sale, you have found true and unmatched quality. Everything has been carefully thought out on this boat to make it the best that it can be and if you are looking for a sleek design along with pure quality construction and epic features, look no further than the NorTech 5000 V.

Power and Performance

The first view of the NorTech 5000 V boat gives you the notion that it is remarkably fast, but in the boating industry, looks are not always what it is all about. A pretty shell is meaningless if there is no power behind the boat. This boat has plenty of power where it counts and the customer has the option of customizing their boat with the motors that work best for them. Whether you are looking for triple 850 HP motors or anything else, NorTech will work to accommodate you. That is the primary reason that this company has a reputation for hi-performance boats throughout the coastal regions of Florida.

Safe and Comfortable Ride

On a boat that is built for speed capabilities, the thought of safety always comes to mind. The standard boat seats offer the chance to be comfortable, but do not do much for keeping the occupant safe at high speeds. The NorTech 5000 V boats for sale were designed throughout to be the best in its class and that includes the seats for the boat. The standard configuration allows for five people to speed through the water like a bullet and while in motion, the seats hug the occupant allowing them to remain secured throughout the experience. This might sound like a small entity, but with more and more families heading out onto the water, you will appreciate the company’s attention to these aspects.

Stay the Weekend

The NorTech 5000 V boats for sale are not just an excellent high-performance vessels. It has features to allow boaters to get the most from every excursion. The expansive cabin beneath the bow of the boat offers the same, but more luxurious, comforts of home. The cabin is also fully customizable to the individual specifications of the customer. The standard cabin features an expansive salon with queen sized berth at the bow of the boat. Ample seating is found throughout and in the galley, guest can enjoy access to 110V power outlets, refrigerator, microwave, and ample storage. The head is also located within the cabin with a fully private interior featuring shower, sink, and toilet. Finishes are up to the customer, but the carbon fiber countertops will last and stay beautiful for the life of the boat. With the NorTech 5000 V, you can stay the weekend at sea or stay in port without ever having to leave the comfort of the vessel.

Make it Your Own

The chance to fully customize your NorTech 5000 V boat is an amazing experience, but what makes it more amazing is that it is not just the features of the vessel that are able to be personalized to your needs. The actual look of the boat can be customized as well. This gives you the chance to allow your personality and creativity to shine through with custom graphics that will make everyone in every port jealous of your boat. The sleek design of the vessel enables a myriad of graphics to be added for a truly eye-catching appearance.

At the Helm

You will feel like you are in the driver’s seat of a formula one race car when piloting this boat. It has been designed to be easy to pilot with any experience level. The gauges are easy to reach and the full-size navigation screen gives you the ability to go exactly where you need to be without question. The NorTech 5000 V is the boat for anyone who does not want a typical boat. An exceptional vessel for exceptional taste.


  • Length:                                 51’ 9”
  • Beam:                                   9’
  • Draft:                                    3.5’
  • Weight:                               15,500 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    300 Gallons

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4.00 Out of 5

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