Oyster 595 Boat Review

Oyster 595 Boats

Beautiful and Functional Wherever You Take It

There are few yacht companies that manage to make a truly unique name for themselves. There are so many motor yacht companies today that most of the designs simply meld together. The other option for yacht enthusiasts is the older style sailboat option. These companies are less common, but within this unique market, one brand stands out above all others. That brand is Oyster and the Oyster 595 boats for sale have proven to be among the best selling and most enjoyable sailing yachts to own.

Power and Performance

Quite possibly one of the best aspects of a sailing yacht is that they do not require substantial horsepower to keep the yacht moving at a competitive pace. Oyster works directly with customers to allow them to customize most features of the vessel. This includes the motors for powering the yacht along with the sails. The standard motor option is the Volvo Penta D3-150. With the high performance hull and durable design of the entire vessel, the Oyster 595 sailboats can take you anywhere and in any weather and water conditions. It seamlessly slices through the water without fail.

Accommodation Options

With many yacht companies, even though customers are able to choose the finishes for the interior, the layout of the vessel is largely off limits. The Oyster brand does not work this way and the Oyster 595 sailboat comes with a number of different interior layouts to choose from. The space allows for up to 5 staterooms and three full head compartments.

The owner can choose to maximize their personal space by having the owner’s suite at the back of the vessel to take full advantage of the beam. The other option allows for the tender to be slipped conveniently into the onboard garage for maximum convenience on any excursion. With this configuration, two full staterooms take up the entire beam and the master is moved to the bow. Additional twin bunk style staterooms are located close to the bow and ample seating areas are located throughout the main interior deck.

Easy Maneuverability

The deck onboard the Oyster 595 sailboat is massive and well thought out by the designers. Most of the deck space remains clear for easy maneuverability throughout the space. The teak deck is a beautiful feature that allows the sea water to drain away easily when the vessel is at top sail. While in dock or anchored, guests can easily move around the deck space with high side rails for safety and take full advantage of the adjustable swim platform. Lounging and dining onboard the vessel has been thought out as well with wrap around seating space with table insert and the captain and co captain have a comfortable space in the rear of the vessel to pilot the yacht through any and all weather conditions.

Where to Go

The deep draft of the Oyster 595 sailboats can make it difficult to take it into some of the smaller sandy ports in and around the Florida area. That is the primary reason for the tender locker and if you intend on using the vessel in the area it is a good idea to anchor the yacht and come to shore with the tender. However, the Oyster 595 sailboats for sale are equipped to take owners and their guests anywhere they want to be.


Length:                                 62’ 6”

Beam:                                   17’ 7”

Draft:                                    8’ 10”

Weight:                               67,918 lbs.

Fuel Capacity:                    396 Gallons

Water Capacity:               317 Gallons

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