Sea Hunt RZR 22 Boat Review

Sea Hunt RZR 22 Boats

A Remarkable Boat from One of the Most Trusted Brands of Boats in Florida

Sea Hunt has become one of the best boats on the market today and the company also adds to the boating experience by offering a number of additions to each model for the customer to include to make their boat unique. The Sea Hunt RZR 22 boats for sale today have proven that Sea Hunt is not just another boat company, but an innovative one. This Sea Hunt center console boat model brings a lot more to the boating world than ever before with the innovative stepped hull design. This is a first for Sea Hunt and a first for the industry as a whole. Here is a bit more about these Sea Hunt RZR 22 boats for sale that is soon to have many followers.

Power and Performance

Speed is always important and onboard the Sea Hunt RZR 22, there is never a question of available power. Standard equipment for this boat allows for a single Yamaha 150 engine to maximize power as well as overall fuel efficiency. If that is not enough power for the customer, Sea Hunt can customize the type of motor used up to 250 horsepower. The stepped hull design works to maximize the performance of the boat and the design allows the vessel to simply glide across the top of the water for a smooth and dry ride every time.

Storage Everywhere

Even though the performance and power of a vessel is important, there is simply something lacking if the storage capabilities are not present. That is not an issue with the Sea Hunt RZR 22 boats for sale. The bow of the boat offers 217 quarts of storage for gear and fish. Live bait wells are located in the transom of the vessel with a full 28 gallons of storage capability. Throughout the boat there are rod holders as well as horizontal rod storage for up to 6 rods both port and starboard side.

At the Helm

Sea Hunt always designs their boats for sale to have a simple and easy layout for their helm stations. The Sea Hunt RZR 22 continues this rich tradition with an ergonomic design that allows the captain to remain comfortable and in complete control at all times. The dash area has space for up to two full size navigation screens, so the customer is able to fully customize the space to account for extra radios specialized equipment. The helm seating is a standard bench seat, but the option to add additional features such as flip up bolsters, a backrest, and even foot rests to add to the comfort of the vessel.

Other Optional Features

One of the best aspects about the Sea Hunt boat brand is the chance to add optional features to the vessel. Some of the most notable ones for the Sea Hunt RZR 22 include the optional Bimini top that adds to the versatility of the vessel. The top gives boaters the ability to bring more people along for the ride and keep everyone comfortably in the shade without the cost of a hard top. Another option is thee updated helm seating that not only gives the addition of the bolster, but storage areas beneath the seat. Swivel seats can be installed in the bow of the vessel to allow for optimal comfort while fishing and more versatility for disabled or elderly boaters. The options do add to the overall cost of the vessel, but the convenience of these features is well worth the expense.


  • Length:                                 22’ 6”
  • Beam:                                   8’ 3”
  • Draft:                                    13”
  • Weight:                               2,700 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    53 Gallons
  • Max HP:                               250

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