Sea Ray L550

Sea Ray L550

A balance of style and design

Yachts which do not fall into the super yacht or the mega yacht category, tend to measure under 100’. Commonly, the smaller yachts need to utilize all the space to deliver a quality vessel. Superfluous layouts and redundant features need to be stripped away so that the luxury and aesthetics of design can shine forth. The Sea Ray L550 couples the capabilities of the Sea Ray brand with substantial aesthetics and design.

Built for the sun

One look at the Sea Ray L550 yacht will show you that the designers intended for this boat to be used for a day or days out in the sun. The stern of the boat has a large dive deck that joins to the second level seating area. This seating area is shaded by the bridge, but has enough exposure to allow the natural lighting to really take precedence on the layout. Access to the dive deck and to the bridge is accessed by wooden stairs. A secondary access to the bow is needed is one so desires. Depending upon the features added, you may have the option of forward facing seating or a leisure lounge on the bow. Keep in mind, however, that the bow is where the sun roof for the cabin is located, and so seating and the layout may be limited.

The cabin takes advantage of the natural light through the large windows on both sides of the hull. Tinted but allowing for the light to come into the cabin gives the space the luminace needed for that home feeling while at the same time providing privacy. As the windows have that distinctive black on white aesthetic, the design becomes accented even further, capturing the iconic yacht features while at the same time pressing forward into modern yacht trends.

The Hull configuration

The design of the hull has bottom paint, stainless steel stanchions, electric bow and stern thrusters as well as a remote and manual pump on the swim platform. There is a concealed swim ladder with a grab handle on the platform. All this contributes to the daytime enrichment. However, the craft is not void of nightlife additions. LED navigation, underwater blue or white lights on the transom, spotlights, as well as optional stereo options can transform the Sea Ray L550 from into a spot for social activity.

The power to cruise or troll

Sea Ray L550 yachts for sale are designed to move quickly on the water. Though the Sea Ray brand is not specifically oriented to powerboats and to sports vessels, they do have Sport Cruisers and a large selection of boats which are primarily catered to their speed and maneuverability on the ocean. With the larger Sea Ray L550, the navigation is controlled through the hull design as well as with the weight distribution on the yacht. Controls in the console are state of the art technology, optimized by IT professionals and engineers, resulting in the best riding experience for this size vessel. Again, this points back to Sea Ray’s premise that all design must be with a purpose and that there are no details which are not important.


Length Overall: 56.25 ft

Dry Weight: 57800 lb

Water Capacity: 150 Gallon

Beam: 15.58 ft

Holding Tank: 68 Gallon

Dead Rise: 17 degrees

Maximum Draft: 4 ft

Fuel Capacity: 580 Gallon

Number of Cabins: 3. Two of the cabins have a queen/king sized bed with the remaining cabin providing two smaller sleeping accommodations within.

The specifications on the engine are as follows. Keep in mind that buyers do have the ability to upgrade their engine. Additionally, pre-owned yachts may have additional features and engine configurations. On the 2018 L550, the base specification for the engine is as follows:

Make: Caterpillar

Model: 850 C12

Engine quantity: 2

Power of Engines: 1700.0 hp

Engine Type :Inboard/Outboard Diesel powered

Using a brokerage to find a Sea Ray L550

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