SeaHunt Escape 211 LE Boat Review

SeaHunt Escape 211 LE Boats

For All You Want to Do While Out on the Water

Even on the most crowded of days, the ocean is a large place where you can get away from the stresses of daily life, but in order to do that, you have to have a boat that will take you everywhere you want to be. The SeaHunt Escape 211 LE boats for sale today have proven to be among the most well-equipped vessels for families of all sizes to enjoy a range of water activities. Whether you are looking to enjoy water sports, fish, or entertain out on the water, you can do it with the Sea Hunt 211 LE.

Power and Performance

One of the most important aspects of any boat is power. The waters throughout the Florida region can be quite rough at times, and you never want to be sitting dead in the water simply because your boat cannot handle the waves. The Sea Hunt Escape 211 LE boats for sale have the power and performance you need for all of your excursions. The 200 HP rating for the boat might seem a bit limiting to some, but rest assured it is not. With the standard single Yamaha 150 four stroke motor powering the boat along, you will have plenty of speed and even ample fuel economy for all you intend to do on the water. In addition to the well equipped motors offered by Sea Hunt, this boat has been designed to deliver the utmost in performance capabilities through the hull design. The deep hull design with the reverse chine allow for a stable and smooth ride in any water conditions and the extra wide Carolina flare provides a remarkably dry ride as well. This boat has everything you need to have a wonderful sea experience every time.

Storage Throughout

Storage on a boat is more important than some people seem to realize. It is not enough to simply bring on a lot of coolers to store fish and snacks for the family. There has to be an emphasis on storage and the SeaHunt Escape 211 LE boats have ample storage for all of your needs. The storage starts at the bow of the vessel with an expansive 92 quart insulated bow storage area. At the stern, the storage continues with a live well and additional storage under the transom seating. The dual consoles provide additional storage for larger gear or an ample changing area for guests. A porta potti style toilet can also be installed to add to the versatility of the vessel and lockable glove box storage is available at the help for valuables and items that need to be kept out of the elements.

Seating Options

Th SeaHunt Escape 211 LE boats for sale are perfectly equipped for all you intend to do on the water with a telescoping swim ladder, swim platforms, and a wake board ladder, but the designers have not forgot about the need for ample seating. Throughout the boat you will find comfortable places to take a load off and relax while out on the water. At the transom, triple seating arrangements give three people a comfortable place to relax with integrated cup holders and the bow seating offers a wrap around seating configuration to maximize the comfort of the vessel. The passenger seating area has an aft facing as well as forward facing seating arrangement that converts into an aft facing lounger for when the boat is not in motion. The helm seating is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of driver’s sizes and with bolster option, you can pilot the vessel in the way that is most comfortable for you.


Length:                                 21’ 1”

Beam:                                   8’ 2”

Draft:                                    15”

Weight:                               2,350 lbs.

Max HP:                               200

Fuel Capacity:                    60 Gallons

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