SeaHunt Ultra 235 SE Boat Review

SeaHunt Ultra 235 SE Boats

For When You Want it all Out on the Water

Boating is not just about having a vessel that can adequately float on the water. It is about multiple experiences from fishing to family outings. You also have to take into consideration the fact that deeper sea excursions are full of potential hazards, so the boat has to contend with much more than staying afloat. There are many boats available on the water today, but if you want to truly have it all, you should look for SeaHunt Ultra 235 SE boats for sale. Exceptional quality for anyway you choose to boat. Here are just a few aspects of this SeaHunt Ultra Series boat that you are going to enjoy.

Power and Performance

A boat cannot merely look good in order to be what the boater wants. It has to have be able to stand up to the rigors of the waves and rough waters as well. Some of the larger boats on the market today have to rely on multiple engines just to nominally power through the water. The size of the SeaHunt 235 Ultra SE boat gives it the ability to expertly power through the water with a single Yamaha 250 engine. The lack of multiple engines in no way keeps you from enjoying the water, but it will keep fuel costs at a minimum so you can get more from every boating experience.

Smart Seating Throughout

Seats on the standard boat do not always offer a truly comfortable place to relax. The SeaHunt Ultra 235 SE boat was not designed to be in any way average and that includes the available seating onboard the boat. The seats at the bow of the vessel can be converted into any configuration needed. The standard wrap around seating is always available, but for an upgrade, the boater can allow for a full lounge area with backrest option. The transom seats offer further versatility and comfort with a plush beam length seat with foot rests that come out of the aft facing seat at the rear of the boat. This SeaHunt boat is made for entertaining and relaxation at its best. More seating is found at the helm as well as in the front of the center console.

Storage Throughout

Boaters know what they want and one of the largest complaints from many of them is the lack of available deck space. Some boats do not have adequate storage for fishing gear and personal items and therefore the deck can become cluttered. A cluttered deck is a dangerous thing when out on the water, but onboard the Sea Hunt Ultra 235 SE boat you will find plenty of storage for all of your needs. The port storage in the bow of the boat offers 92-quarts of space and the starboard side is a bit larger at 140-quarts. The aft live baitwell gives you 15-gallons of storage to keep your bait swimming all day and for fish storage or a cold drink area, the console seating gives you 48-quarts of an insulated cooler to make use of. An optional feature onboard the SeaHunt 235 Ultra SE is the addition of 10 gallons of fresh water for multiple uses while out on the water.

At the Helm

The helm of any vessel is where most of the action takes place. The helm onboard the SeaHunt 235 Ultra SE has been designed to have it all. Simrad navigation will get you anywhere you want to go and the seating at the helm gives you the ability to always be comfortable with the ability to sit with foot rest option or stand and take full command of the vessel with a backrest to keep you supported. The addition of a cockpit window also allows you to either shut off the wind entirely or open the hatch for a little fresh sea air. The helm also maintains lockable storage for all valuables and easy to reach controls for maximum versatility.


Length:                                 23’ 5”

Beam:                                   8’ 6”

Max HP:                               250

Fuel Capacity:                    98 Gallons

Weight:                               2,650 lbs.

Draft:                                    13”

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