Wellcraft 182 Fisherman

Wellcraft 182 Fisherman

Family Fun and Fishing in One Boat

Some boat manufacturers tend to place so much emphasis on one boating activity and leave other aspects out of a design. Wellcraft understands the need to have a multi-function vessel perfect for the family and fishing excursions. The Wellcraft 182 Fisherman boats for sale have been designed with these important features to be an all around excellent boat for the entire family.

Power and Performance

Speed is not always put at the top of a design list when manufacturing boats in the same LOA class as Wellcraft 182 Fisherman boats, but this one is an exception to that rule. Due to the small draft of the boat and a deep V hull configuration, the 182 planes quickly providing a smooth and agile ride experience. In tests, this boat managed to reach speeds of upward 45 mph with an expected fuel economy of 4 mpg.

Engines available for Wellcraft 182 Fisherman boats come from both Mercury and Yamaha depending on the individual likes of the customer. From Yamaha, owners can choose 115, 150, or 90 XB and Mercury offers 90 ELPT4S, 115 ELPT 4S, and 150 XL 4S as an available option.

Convenient Seating Options

No matter if an owner intends on taking the 182 out for a day of fishing or for fun on the water with family, there is always a need for seating. Due to the short stature of the vessel, a large rear bench seating is not an option, but designers managed to include many convertible seating options such as a reversible helm seat where the backrest simply moves forward to provide an aft facing seat for fishing or keeping an eye on the kids.

Both transom and bow are equipped with multi-functional options as well. Twin transom seats can be deployed while the vessel is in motion, but when the Wellcraft 182 Fisherman is anchored, this space folds down to provide a stable casting platform. An additional casting platform is located in the boat and with the addition of cushions, the space is easily converted to a lounge area when not used for fishing.

Unique Storage Options

The Wellcraft 182 Fisherman is fully equipped with the necessary storage options such as ample fish boxes, rod storage, and even bait wells at the transom, but it is the live bait well in the bow of the vessel that tends to get the most attention. The top of this space remains covered, but with an available clear front window, the baitwell acts as an onboard aquarium for bait to entertain kids and for the adults to keep a keen eye on the bait as well.

Safety Features

Taking the family out for a day of fun on the water is enjoyable, but can be unnerving with small children walking around the vessel. With Wellcraft 182 Fisherman boats, safety is built right in. siderails remain taller than the average boat in its class. This boat can also be fitted throughout with non-stick padding to make it even safer for small children and families of all sizes.


  • Length:                                 18’ 2”
  • Beam:                                   8’
  • Draft:                                    15”
  • Weight:                               2,750 lbs.
  • Max HP:                               150 HP
  • Fuel Capacity:                    56 Gallons
  • Human Capacity:             8 People

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