Wellcraft 202 Fisherman Boat Review

Wellcraft 202 Fisherman Boats

Expert Craftsmanship from a Name You Trust

Taking the family out on the water for a day of fun is a true joy, but not all boats are designed to give you such an enjoyable experience. It takes certain features to take an average floating vessel and make it into an exceptionally manufactured boat. The Wellcraft 202 Fisherman boats for sale today are among the most well designed boats on the market. It has been designed to be a well equipped fishing boat as the name suggests, but also an all around family boat as well.

Power and Performance

Today, there are so many power options available on boats. The number of motors and available power can get confusing, but there is no need to be confused by the available power on the Wellcraft 202 Fisherman with only one motor powering the entire vessel. This configuration still gives you plenty of power for any excursion with a max HP of 200, but allows fuel costs to be kept at a minimum. This Wellcraft boat comes with a choice of 6 different motors to choose from including three from Yamaha, F115 XB, F150 XB, and the F200 XB. If Mercury is the brand you trust more, the three choices are, the 115 ELPT 4S, the 150 XL 4S, and the 200 XL Verado.

At the Helm

The helm of many boats can be quite cluttered with a myriad of gadgets to choose from. The helm station on the Wellcraft 202 Fisherman boats for sale have remained remarkably uncluttered, yet still maintains the needed gadgets and switches to enjoy driving the boat. The dash area has room for a 12 inch navigation screen along with ratio space and two cup holders. The stainless steel steering column allows the pilot to maintain maximum control with an ergonomic design that keep him or her completely comfort at all times. The helm seating offers a relaxing place for two to have the best seat on the boat and the space can be upgraded with additional bolsters and foot rests for added comfort.


You cannot ever truly call a boat a fisherman without having maximum fishability. The Wellcraft 202 Fisherman boats have it all with storage beneath the deck as well as beneath the bow seating area. The rear bench seat folds flat into the side to maximize the space to walk around while fishing on the boat and the bow area is a bit special when compared to other vessels. Instead of the live baitwell being located in the transom with a clear lid, it is located in the middle of the bow area with a clear side panel This makes it possible to keep an eye on the bait from anywhere on the boat without having to lean over the compartment. It is a unique feature that is both functional and will also keep the children entertained, kind of like a standard fish tank.

Where to Go

With such a remarkable vessel, you are going to want to take it everywhere. The Wellcraft 202 Fisherman boats for sale can be taken anywhere you want to go as it is equipped to take on the sandy shores of Florida as well as some of the deeper area. The Wellcraft brand will also offer to customize your boat to your specifications with a specialized offshore package as well as the stainless steel upgrade and graphics for the boat to allow your vessel to look its true best while you are out with family and friends.


  • Length:                                 20’ 4”
  • Beam:                                   8’ 6”
  • Max HP:                               200
  • Fuel Capacity:                    56 Gallons
  • Draft:                                    33”
  • Capacity:                             8 People

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