World Cat 255 DC Dual Console Boat Review

World Cat 255 DC Dual Console Boats

The Dual Console You Have Been Waiting For

Dual console boats are nothing new to the Florida area. This style of boat has been around for many years and has become among the most popular styles of boat due to the amazing versatility of the style. The dual console can take you from the fishing grounds to the deep ocean for water sports and even into the shallow sandy bottom areas for island hopping. The World Cat 255DC Dual Console boats for sale today are among the most well designed dual console vessels on the market today and here are just a few reasons why you will love this boat.

Power and Performance

As with all World Cat boats today, the design of the hull is not standard. As opposed to a deep V hull that you expect on most boats in and around Florida, the World Cat 255DC Dual Console boats maintain a dual hull design. That can be a bit confusing to some boaters, but when piloting the boat, the hull design allows the boat to remain much more stable when at high speeds and taking on turns. The design also allows for better air flow offering a smoother ride for those onboard. The power behind this beast comes from the standard Yamaha 150 motors powering it through the water. The location of the engines are also something that the boater will have to get used to, but the split motor configuration allows for more control when docking the vessel than when the motors are positioned directly beside one another. Other motor options are available as well provided they remain within the guidelines of the max HP of 350.

Easy Access Head

The standard head on a dual console vessel can be quite cramped. When getting in or getting out of the compartment, a person often has to be quite small to easily pass through the opening. The World Cat 255 DC Dual Console boats for sale has been designed to allow for all size boaters to handle their most basic of needs with ease. Instead of a tiny door to enter the area, the designers thought to incorporate a door that is quite large and swings wide for easy access. Once inside, the space is quite spacious and offers additional storage areas as well. The storage compartment even moves into the bow storage area to allow for much larger equipment to be stored as well.

Ample Seating Options

Some boats tend to make seats just a place to sit for a while, but when you are going to be out on the water for the entire day, you want more from your seat than just a place to hold you up. You need support and structure and that is what you get from all of the seats within the World Cat 255DC Dual Console boats. The bow of the boat is where most of your entertaining will take place with wrap around seating and two lounge seats. The area also converts to a dining area with removable table option. At the stern of the boat you will find two flip down transom jump seats along with two aft facing seats behind the captain’s and passenger chair. The passenger and captain’s seats both contain flip up bolsters and fold down foot rests, but the captain’s seat remains the best option fort the most comfortable place to sit as it is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of sizes and has substantial arm rests to allow the pilot to be fully locked in when the boat is in motion. The World Cat 255DC Dual Console boats for sale are unique in its design when compared to other dual console boats, but the unique aspects have proven to be what draws so many boaters to this impressive vessel.


  • Length:                                 26’
  • Beam:                                   8’ 6”
  • Draft:                                    12”
  • Fuel Capacity:                    186 Gallons
  • Max HP:                               350
  • Weight:                               6,600 lbs.

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