World Cat 280CC – X Center Console

World Cat 280CC – X Center Console

A Boat for All Occasions

When purchasing any boat, versatility is always an important feature. Too many boats today emphasize one attribute and forget about the others. World Cat is a company that understands what boaters want in regard to versatile vessels and they deliver in spectacular fashion. Their World Cat 280CC-X Center Console boats for sale are among the most coveted vessels for their versatility and many other exceptional features.

Power and Performance

Owners have many different options for power onboard the World Cat 280CC-X Center Console boats with an available HP rating of up to 400. World Cat allows owners to choose the brand of engine, but most boaters in Florida stick with the dependability of either Yamaha or Mercury due to the fuel efficient options for these brands.

When fuel efficient twin 200s are used to power this vessel, fuel efficiency is taken to its max level as World Cat’s double hull configuration allows the boat to naturally sit higher in the water with a draft of merely 14”. The World Cat 280CC-X Center Console can be taken into any waterfront, either deep sea or shallower coasts and perform perfectly.

Comfort at the Helm

The best seat on any vessel is the captain’s Onboard the World Cat 280CC-X Center Console, the captain’s seat has been updated to be even more comfortable for captain and co-captain. The twin seat configuration maintains the comfortable, yet supportive structure with a convenient flip up bolster, but what has changed with this model is the availability of fold away arm rests. The captain can configure the seat in a way that is perfect for them and when seated is able to take full advantage of the nonslip foot rest.

Whether sitting or standing, all controls at the helm remain easy to reach with a sturdy steering column to hold onto when at full speed. The ability to customize the dash area gives an owner more options for fishing and navigation. Space for additional radios and up to two 16” navigation screens make the World Cat 280CC-X Center Console exactly what the owner needs it to be. A glass covering keeps everything free from the effects of outdoor elements and with options such as Garmin monitoring and digital switching, this vessel can take you and your guests anywhere.

Convenience at its Best

Any excursion is made more enjoyable by convenient features integrated into the vessel. World Cat designs all their vessels to house features that make any boating experience more enjoyable such as cup holders throughout the interior and convertible seating options. The World Cat 280CC-X Center Console is designed with integrated seating options such as fold out transom seats and wrap around seats in the bow that can be fitted with a central table insert or an additional cushion insert for a full lounge option.

Additional convenience options such as small coolers on either side of the bow seating and even charging station in the area ensure that guests always have a place to plug in or grab a drink. A larger than average head compartment add to the convenience of the vessel with easy access to the center console electrical components.


  • Length:                                 27’ 6”
  • Beam:                                   9’ 2”
  • Draft:                                    14”
  • Weight:                               7,300 lbs.
  • Max HP:                               400
  • Fuel Capacity:                    220 Gallons

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