World Cat 320 Center Console Boat Review

World Cat 320 Center Console Boats

Simply a Better Boating Experience

When boating throughout the Florida area, you will notice that with every brand of boat there are certain properties that seem to be the exact same as the previous brand. World Cat however is distinctly different than most other boat brands due to their double hull design. Their design enables the boats to have a much more stable ride than the standard single hull configuration. There are many other features about the boats that are simply unique to the brand and the World Cat 320 CC for sale today are turning heads and turning people on to this unique style of boat.

Power and Performance

The motors of the World Cat 320 Center Console boats for sale are a bit out of the ordinary as well in their design. You would expect to see the engines placed close together in the center of the swim deck with a swim ladder on one side or the other, but in this boat, the motors are pulled apart with one on either side of the swim deck. The full size swim ladder is located between the motors. This adds to the stability when getting on and off the boat. With a 600 HP rating for this boat, the World Cat 320 CC is certainly not short on power. It speeds through the water like a champ and World Cat has worked diligently to deliver the most performance driven and driest ride in the business.

Sturdy Yet Comfortable Seating

Even though the World Cat 320 Center Console boats for sale are among the most capable and well equipped fishing vessels on the market, the designers did not forget about comfort. Throughout the boat you will find seating that has the luxury feel that is missing in many comparable vessels. The transom seating on most boats tends to be a basic fold down bench style seat, but onboard this boat, that configuration did not work well with the design. The fold away seats are two single seats on either side of the transom door. When they are folded, there is more than enough room to fish throughout the deck and when they are folded down, guests are able to enjoy a very sturdy seat with high strength supports to hold them firmly in place. The helm seating area is another place where you will notice the commitment to quality onboard this boat. The helm seating allows for two to sit or stand while at the ergonomically designed helm and the luxurious feel of the updated upholstery is apparent at all times.

Large head Compartment

The head compartment on the standard center console can be quite cramped and the fact that most have access at the side of the console area only add to the cramped nature or the space. The World Cat 320 Center Console is equipped with an expansive head space. Entry into the space is found at the front of the console and with very little effort, the entire seating area swings wide open and holds in place while stepping down into the head. Once inside, you will notice plenty of room to move around as well as both natural and artificial light so you do not ever have to feel like you are in a dark compact head compartment again.


Length:                                 32’ 2”

Beam:                                   10’ 6”

Draft:                                    16”

Max HP:                               600

Fuel Capacity:                    279 Gallons

Weight:                               10,100 lbs.

Capacity:                             12 People

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