Super Yacht Brokers

What to look for when purchasing a Super Yacht

Selling a super yacht is a bit different than selling a boat or standard sized yacht. Primarily, the clientele’s demands and expectations are different. To obtain the best probability of a sale, it is important to time the sale properly, price the yacht accordingly, and negotiate effectively. For these reasons, it is recommended that you use a Super Yacht Broker.

A different kind of broker

Super Yachts are large, hence the name, and therefore the cost tends to run high. Consequently, the cost of services for a super yacht broker will be higher. But, there is also the benefit of a higher level of services. Firstly, the broker will ensure that the yacht to be sold is kept in pristine working order. This might mean that the brokerage uses a maintenance or service crew on the yacht. Secondly, the broker should help to schedule any sea test required. Overall, the broker will not only help to sell the super yacht but will help to showcase the yacht so that people want to purchase your boat.

Getting the right Super Yacht Broker

While there is a difference between those that sell boats and yachts and those that sell Super Yachts and Luxury yachts, there are a few things which are important across the board. Firstly, you should check to ensure that the yacht broker is CPYB certified (Certified Professional Yacht Broker). There are other licensing that is available, and certain parts of Florida may require different brokerage licenses. A good Yacht broker will have the most popular of certifications. Secondly, the Yacht Broker should have a solid reputation. Check with friends and family to find out more about a company. While online reviews can give you a level of clarity on a company, first-hand accounts are always best.

A partnership with mutual interests

Once you have decided on a Super Yacht broker, it is important that you maintain communication with the brokerage firm. This does not mean that you micro-manage the sale, but rather that you stay in contact with the broker to understand any needs, inquiries, potential sales, and documentation which may be needed to secure a sale. If you think of it as a partnership with the same mutual interest, that being the capital gained from selling the Super Yacht, you should be fine.

Keep in mind that the broker is focused on making the sale. Generally, the commission and the fees for the broker are paid upon the successful sale of your yacht. That being the case, the broker will tend to be more aggressive when it comes to the marketing and selling of the yacht than the owner. Whether this is a result of the buyer not having the experience in sales, or as a result of hesitation to part with their super yacht, the odds are strong that without a partnership with a Super Yacht broker, that the sale of the vessel will be prolonged.

Listing your Super Yacht for sale

In order to gain the most exposure for your super yacht for sale, the broker will use a number of venues. Depending on the time of year, you may opt for showcasing your Super Yacht at a boat show or yachting event. Choosing a reputable listing service and site is critical for success. Vessel Vendor is one such site that specializes in the listing of quality pre-owned boats to qualified buyers. In addition to the yachts listed for sale, we also provide informative articles such as boat specifications, manufacturer review pages, and FAQ pages.

Are you a broker looking to list a Super Yacht for sale? Great. Vessel Vendor would love for you to list your Yacht with us. Our intuitive listing platform has a number of advertisement options available, so no matter if you need a long listing or short term, your needs can be met.

Should you have any questions about Super Yacht Brokers, purchasing or listing your Super Yacht for sale, finding a Super Yacht Broker, or if you have any questions about Vessel Vendor, please fill out the appropriate online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and welcome to the Vessel Vendor family.