Benetti Yachts

Yachts with an Italian Heritage

There are few yacht brands in the world with the history and the reputation of Benetti. Benetti is amongst the oldest builders of luxury yachts with a heritage that dates back to 1873. The yachts, which are still built in Italy, though now spanned over 3 shipyards. If you are looking for an established Yacht brand that focuses on craftsmanship, elegance, and one-on-one builds, then Benetti Yachts for sale are worth consideration.

Benetti’s beginnings

The company was founded in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti. Originally, the boats were wooden construction used for local and international trade. Upon Lorenzo’s death his sons took over the company and expanded the company to commercial sailing. The boats were still made from wood at this time. It was not until the 1960s that the boats began to have steel construction and the late 70s that modern materials started to make their way into the construction process.

Modern Benetti

Benetti’s focus has not shifted substantially during its growth. The company remains in Italy as well as still take on the one-on-one approach to manufacturing, as opposed to other companies which build components here and there and composite them together in a shipyard. As such, the Benetti yacht company has released a low number of Yachts. And while the production has been optimized, only 30 to 35 yachts are produced a year, with only 3,000 yachts manufactured in the entire course of the business’ existence.

The Yachts

When looking at Benetti Yachts for sale, you will find that the branding and marketing of the yachts splits the selection to 4 categories excluding the custom builds. This is somewhat misleading. In truth, there are only two classes and then customizable yachts within these classes. The Classes of yachts in the Benetti brand are Benetti Class Displacement and Benetti Class Fast. The two additional categories for the company are Benetti Custom Now Displacement and Benetti Custom Now Fast.

The main difference in the Benetti Class and the Benetti Custom Now selection is the size of the yacht. The Benetti Class starts with a 95’ yacht and goes to a 140’. The Custom Now displacement starts with a 164’ and goes to a 240’.  Benetti Class Fast offers a 125’ and 140’ where the Custom Now fast has the 164’, 184’ and the 224’ yachts.

The Benetti difference

Since 2000, the company has focused on eco-sustainable Yachts and has revamped their brand to reduce air pollution, harness power and integrate solutions with engineers and operations to reduce their impact upon the environment, and to experiment with electric power as opposed to fuel. At the same time, the company has stayed focused on their philosophy that every boat should be as unique as the owners who purchase them. Since technology and smart devices have become the norm in today’s society, the company has made it a point to integrate cutting edge technological features into not only the console and controls, but also into the cabin and passenger areas to maximize the yachting experience.

Old vs. New

The classic look of the brand is that of the sailboat and the shorter luxury craft. Wooden constructed hulls and decks were common. These boats are typically prior to the WWII era and as such are considered to be a collector’s item and very valuable. The mid or transitional boats are steel with wooden construction. Modern yachts that you may find from the brand have a variety of materials, dependent upon the clients needs.

Where can you find a Benetti Yacht?

Benetti yachts are a bit difficult to find used, as the brand is exceptionally coveted by boat enthusiasts. Add to this the limited number of yachts in existence (only 3,000) and the probability of finding a Benetti yacht for sale dwindles further. However, this is not to say that one cannot be found if you know where to start.

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