About the Princess Yachts M Class

Make all Other Yacht Owners  Envious

Princess Yachts for sale today range in sizes from those applicable for smaller yacht families all the way to super yachts capable of housing all of your potential guests. The M Class within the Princess Yachts fleet is the latter option. These Princess yachts M class vessels are not simply your everyday average yachts but the ones that make an impression on onlookers throughout the world. Not all companies are able to produce such exceptional vessels, but Princess makes it look easy and due to their attention to every design detail of these yachts, the Princess M Class yachts are sure to make heads turn and other yacht owners quite jealous.

Princess M30

When choosing to move into the larger yacht range, owners must consider many things. These Princess yachts M class vessels are much larger than the average yacht and therefore will require a crew for travel. The accommodations onboard the Princess M30 provide the ample space needed to house an extensive crew in their own quarters within the bow of the lower deck. The design provides the bulk of the lower level however to the supreme comfort of guests spread out across up to four staterooms each with their own bathroom.

The main level of the Princess yachts M class models offers exceptional views throughout any journey and that is why the designers have chosen to utilize the bow area of this space exclusively for the owners. Convenient access to the living space and galley area make this the ideal location for the owners giving them their privacy, but still remaining close to the action with their guests.

The overall length of the M 30 is 99’ 11” with a beam of 23’ 2” and even though the yacht is rather large, it is effortlessly powered through the water by one of two twin engine choices, the MTU 12V 2000 M96L with 1,948HP and a top speed of up to 22 knots and the MTU 16V 2000 M86 with 2,636 HP each and a top speed of up to 25 knots.

Princess M35

Amazing quality design is what you will find within the M Class from Princess yachts and right within the middle of the range is the M35. The Princess M35 yachts for sale have a length of 115’ 4” and a beam of 23’ 11” and is effectively powered to a speed of 25 knots with the MTU 16 V 2000. The twin engines each carry a horsepower rating of 2,636.

Accommodations onboard the Princess M35 yachts include three guest staterooms and bathrooms on the lower level of the vessel along with a full bow apartment for up to 5 crew members including the captain. The owner has the ability to enjoy their own suite on the main level of the vessel for privacy and utmost convenience.

The sundeck is likely to be the favorite spot as it features a full hot tub and multiple lounge spaces throughout the space. An additional summer kitchen and grill option is available for both the sundeck as well as the main deck to allow for maximum entertainment possibilities.

Princess M40

With an impressive 113’ 9” of length and a beam of 26’ 4”, the 235 ton M40 rounds out the Princess Yachts M Class as the largest in the fleet. The speed capabilities of this vessel allow for up to 23 knots while on the seas powered by twin MTU 12V 4000 M9.3L engines each with 3,508 HP.

Onboard this larger than life vessel guests and crew are spread across four full decks featuring an individualized captain’s quarters and a master suite that takes up a substantial portion of the main deck. The lower deck is reserved for up to 6 crew members in their own apartment and four staterooms each with their own bathroom. The largest of the guests suites acts as an additional master for your most exclusive guests and takes over the entire beam of the vessel.

Onboard the Princess M40 yachts guests not only enjoy activities and luxury accommodations on every level, but an exclusive toy garage in the back of the vessel that houses any and all water sports equipment needed for fun on the water. With the touch of a button, even your larger water equipment is deposited into the water with easy access from the expansive rear swim deck.

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