About the Princess Yachts V Class

A Marvel Among Many

With so many yachts on the market today, it can be difficult to just decide on one style of even brand. For some yacht owner, it is about the size of the yacht, but for those in the know, the style of the hull is what is most important. Princess Yachts for sale do come in a range of styles set apart by the individual classes, but if you want style as well as performance driven results from your yacht. The V Series is the class for you. The deep V design of the hull slices through the water with ease allowing you and your guests to enjoy supreme performance with responsive steering in an agile vessel on every excursion.


Even though the 42’ 6” length and 12’ 5” beam of the V40 might seem somewhat small to those seeking larger yachts, rest assured the overall layout to the space is versatile as well as remarkably functional. Princess Yachts knows how to make even a smaller yacht feel like a super yacht with convertible options for seating onboard the deck that turn the sun pad into an aft facing or forward facing seating arrangement. With two full staterooms and a large bathroom, the V40 is the perfect size for the yachting family.

V48 and V48 Open

The larger 50’ 10” length and 13’ 6” bean is not the only noticeable difference on the V48 and V48 Open that owners will enjoy. The added space has allowed Princess Yachts to include an additional bathroom into the space with the option for a third cabin in place of the sitting area. The performance of the vessel is enhanced by twin Volvo 600 engines offering 435 HP each to produce a top speed of 34 knots. Other yachts may be larger, but they certainly do not have that type of speed capabilities.

V50 and V50 Open

Coming in at 50’ 10” and a beam of 13’ 6”, the V50 and V50 open can appeal to a broader range of yacht owners. The cabin configuration down below remains quite the same as the V48 as does the engine and speed capabilities. There are however, some noticeable differences on the main deck of the vessel. The dining space wraps around the entire aft of the vessel offering substantial seating, but the fact that there is no aft lounge space is not a problem as there is a perfectly appointed bow lounge area, so nothing is lost on these models.

V58 and V58 Open

When choosing to move into the V58 and V58 Open range of yacht, Princess Yachts offers more opportunity for guests and even the option to add a crew member onboard. The yacht adds in up to 4 staterooms with the option to maintain the sitting area with a 3 stateroom layout if the owner chooses. The main deck gains an additional lounge space aft as well as a summer kitchen option for perfect entertaining.


The massive space onboard the V60 offers owners a length of 62’ 11” and an expanded beam of 16’. The added space is certainly not wasted. Below deck the yacht maintains the 3 stateroom 2 bedroom layout as the previous model, but the owner does have the advantage of a full beam master on the V60. The upper deck offers even more seating for guests with an aft lounge space as well as an outdoor dining space. The bow has also been given attention with a convertible lounge space and inserted couch area.


One would think that on a yacht that is the largest in the V class of Princess Yachts that the V65 would lose a little in the power department. That is not the case with this 66’ 10” L, 16’ 9” B vessel. The twin MAN V12 engines with 1,400 HP each still manages to hold onto the 38 knots speed capabilities. Within the yacht, the space is expansive with room for up to 4 staterooms and 4 bathrooms below as well as a perfectly equipped skipper cabin as well. The main deck offers exceptional and luxurious seating areas and lounge spaces throughout and the galley has full access to the outside bar area with fold away doors that open the space up for optimal entertaining.

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