About the Princess Yachts Y Class

Quality, Luxury, and Excellent Living with Every Inch

Yachting is a pleasure, but the standard yacht is not the way most people want to travel the world. The Princess Yachts for sale today offer a number of choices for the yacht owner to choose from and within the extensive lineup of available vessels is the Y Class. The Princess yachts Y class of motor yachts is designed to offer the yacht owner and their guests a beautiful experience while at sea and within port. These Princess Y class yachts are not merely large, but also offer an agile performance which is highly prized by today’s yacht owner.

Princess Y75 Yachts

When traveling to points throughout the globe on a motor yacht, you do not want to show up in some outdated design, The Princess yachts Y class series offers an exceptionally modern appearance that looks good in any port throughout the world and the Y75, even though it is the smallest yacht in the series, takes modern, yet classic design to a whole new level.

The interior design of this vessel is one that evokes a sense of openness and allows the light to flood the space. The lower deck layout allows ample space for up to three guest staterooms, each with their own bathroom. The crew quarters have space for up to three crew members with their own laundry space, but the best space below deck would have to be the master suite. This area takes up the entire beam of the vessel and provides its own entrance to keep the master as private as possible.

Powering the Princess Y75 with its 80’ 9” length and expansive 18’ 11” beam is twin MAN V 12 1800 engines capable of propelling the vessel through any sea conditions at an impressive 36 knots. Guests are able to spread out over two additional upper levels with ample seating areas and dining spaces throughout.

Princess Y82 Yachts

Coming in at 83’ 7” in length, the Y82 falls right into the center of the Princess Yachts Y Class range and offer exceptional comfort and impeccable design throughout the yacht. This large Princess Y82 yacht is effectively powered to speeds of up to 34 knots with twin Caterpillar C 32 A engines and with a fuel capacity of 1,701 gallons, this yacht can take you anywhere you want to be.

Not only is this yacht designed for maximum functionality, but supreme luxury as well. The lower deck of the vessel features four large staterooms with the bulk of the space devoted to the master suite. The crew quarters have also been given ample attention on the Princess Y82 with a larger than average crew cabin that can be configured to house more crew members of give just a few an entire apartment style cabin for use.

The entire yacht is designed to allow for maximum versatility and easy of movement with wide walkways encompassing the vessel along with seating areas and lounge spaces in every conceivable space. Up on the flybridge deck, guests can spread out easily and aft the deck, is left open to allow for additional stand alone seating areas of a crane lift with tender for maximum versatility.

Princess Y88 Yachts

The largest vessel within the Princess yachts Y class is the Y88. With a length of 88’ and a beam of 20’ 9” this yacht has the potential to be your very own floating palace. The Princess Y88 yacht has been designed to meet every need of the owner’s and their guests while onboard the vessel. The lower deck has space for up to 5 staterooms each complete with their own bathroom and again, special attention has been given to the crew quarters providing a complete apartment to fulfill all needs.

The Princess Y88 yacht is slightly slower than the other yachts within the fleet, but maintains a 30 knot speed capacity through twin Caterpillar C 32 A engines with 1,925 HP each. The vessel houses a fuel capacity of up to 2,907 gallons, so it is sure to take you wherever you want to go at any time.

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