About the Sea Ray Sports Cruisers

All about the Sundance Series

Have you ever wanted to take a weekend on the water but lack the boat to do so? Yachts, traditionally are more than 40’ in length, so even if you have the vessel, finding the launching point, the crew, and other such needs could be problematic. However, with Sea Ray sports cruisers, the owner gets the best of both the day cruiser as well as the yacht luxuries.

The Hull design

The Sea Ray sports cruisers are different from other boats because they are designed for navigation as well as for the aesthetics and comfort. The molded hull is a bit wider than that which you would find on a center console boat or on a bowrider. This gives maneuverability as well as allows for a few more inches of cabin space underneath.

In addition to the hull, the design has extruded strakes. This contributes to the maneuverability of the vessel, allowing it to grasp the water. A more stable ride is the result.  But do not think that the boat is by any means slow in the water. Common to the Sea Ray brand, these boats are quick and efficient in getting away from the hustle and bustle and into secluded waters.

Sea Ray Models

The Sea Ray sport cruiser yachts for sale are offered in the sundancer. The Sea Ray sundancers are known for their open floorplans as well as the large windows and sunroof. The SkyFlow design is integrated into the layout of the sundancer, thus giving it more natural light and contributing more to the name of the category.

There are some variations in the models of the Sea Ray sport cruisers for sale. Primarily, these differences are the outboard option as well as the coupe design. For the most part, the LOA changes but most of the features are similar.

The models offered by Sea Ray sport cruisers are the Sundancer 260, the Sundancer 320, Sundancer 320 OB, Sundancer 350, and the Sundancer 350 Coupe. The coupe is a bit different from the other models in the Sea Ray sport cruiser category in that it has the enhanced hardtop and lounging zone combined with the inboard propulsion design. Out of the Sea Ray Sundancer models, the coupe is perhaps the one model which is more cabin and lounge oriented. Where all of the other Sea Ray models are designed for the “weekend adventure”, the Sea Ray coupe seems to epitomize it.

Why a Sports Cruiser?

The Sea Ray sports cruisers are designed for a plethora of activities. It is not oriented to one specific genre or to a particular market. One can easily swim off the back deck as well as fish. You can cruise for leisure purposes, or you can ski and raft with the boat. The cabin is small enough to give a couple a nice retreat, but also large enough to accommodate a party or social gathering.

Perhaps one of the key benefits with the Sea Ray sports cruisers are the pricetags as well as the customization options available. Compared to larger commissioned yachts, Sea Ray is one of the more affordable boats on the market. With over 50 years of innovation and craftsmanship, Sea Ray holds true to its focus on launching families into sea living.

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