Grouper Season Florida 2018

How to fish for Grouper in Florida

Saltwater fishermen and women in the Florida area find that the fishing for Grouper is abundant. Due to the variety as well as the Gulf and Atlantic accessibility for offshore fishing, plus the year-round availability of the fish, the grouper is always in season. However, before you go offshore and start fishing, there are a few things which you should know for the Grouper Season in Florida 2018.

The bag limits

The Grouper is under the two sets of regulations, dependent upon where you fish. The Atlantic grouper regulations are for all bodies of Monroe County. The bag limit is 3 per harvester per day. This includes any combination of Grouper and golden tilefish species. Gulf regulations apply to all species and have a 4 per harvester per day limit with any combination including the golden tilefish.

Zero bag limit applied for the captain and crew of for-hire vessels only on the gag, black, and red grouper only. All other bag limitations are that which are listed in the Grouper section of the Florida Recreational and Saltwater fishing regulations.

Types of Grouper to fish for in 2018

There are 8 main Grouper species which can be fished for in Florida waters. These fish are the black grouper, the snowy grouper, red grouper, speckled & Warsaw grouper, scamp grouper, Gag grouper, and the Yellowfin & Yellowmouth grouper. The eighth category would be listed as Other and contains the Rock Hind, Red Hind, Coney, Graysby, Misty, and Yellowedge Grouper.

What size groupers are legal to catch?

While you can catch any of the species which are listed on the Florida site, there are requirements to the size of the fish you bag. To be on the safer side, it is advised that you stick within the 24” range. There are a few fish such as the Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Yellowfin & Yellowmouth Grouper which allow a 20” catch and some of the other fish do not have a size requirement. However, if you are unsure as to the size or the type of grouper that you have caught, stick with the 2’ rule.

Commonly, you will need to ensure that you meet the standards by having a measuring marker (preferably a fixed tape on the gunwale) on your vessel.

When is the best time to catch Grouper in 2018?

The best months in which to catch grouper are between April and September. As with many of the fish species in Florida, the numbers dwindle a bit between October and March. Unlike other species which go completely off the fishing radar (so to speak), the Grouper remains in a constant supply and can be fished 12 months out of the year.

The Best boats to fish for grouper

When you hook a grouper, you will find that they tend to swim away from the boat rather than dive to the bottom of the ocean or gulf like some other fish. Because they will swim away from the vessel, you need to have a boat which allows for line clearance as well as a craft which will allow you to fish from the stern without getting tangled in the outboards. Center Console boats are the best for this fish. You may wish to consider a CC with a tower to gain a vantage point when fishing offshore.

Because the grouper is 2’ and under in most instances, you can use the smaller fishing tournament boats and CCs (that being those under 25’). Boats should have live wells, bait wells, and under deck storage, especially if the vessel is to be used for charter purposes.

Find a boat for your Grouper fishing in Florida 2018

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