About Midnight Express Boats for Sale

Luxury Powerboats and customized design

When a person thinks of a powerboat, or a boat with an inboard or outboard motor, generally the thoughts are that of freshwater or sporting vessels, and not that of luxury and saltwater. However, the Midnight Express manufacturers have focused their business on creating just that, saltwater power boats of luxury. This family owned business is based out of Miami Florida and builds its company based upon the mentality that “we are limited only by your imagination”.


One of the most promising benefits of any Midnight Express boats for sale is that they are unique. Midnight Express has the ability to customize dream boats to meet most buyer’s visions. Whether it is a customization of power or design, the company has prided itself on the ability to create vessels which are an extension of the owner’s personality.


As the boats which are offered outside of the stock models are made-to-order customizations, those who wish to use such an option will be kept in the loop while their boat is being constructed. Videos and pictures of the craft during the various stages of development will be sent to the buyer. For those which are selling a customized Midnight Express manufactured boat, presenting potential buyers with the video and pictures of the craft being built is a great selling point and something which other brands typically do not offer.


Of course, not every boat for sale by Midnight Express is custom designed. There are 6 models offered by the company. These models are the 34’ Open, the 34’ Pied-A-Mer, the 37’ Open, 37’ Cabin, 39S Open, and the 39S Cuddy.

The models which are offered all have a dual monitor command/navigation system. The Helm of the boat is mounted almost horizontal (roughly at a 30-degree angle). Exceptions are the 37’Cabin, which has more of the stand-up design for navigating. Captain’s seating is elevated and usually is designed in a bar rather than a singular Captain’s chair. Transoms on the boats offered by Midnight Express tend to have a fold down bar seating design. And while the cabin of the boats is somewhat limited, the seating at the bow as well as alongside the starboard and port make up for any room lost.

Midnight Express boats are built for luxury and for speed. However, the manufacturing of the boats does not include wood. Railing and stair-casing is generally steel constructed and painted. Main hull and deck construction is a combination of fiberglass and metal. Where a person will really find the luxury within the Midnight Express brand is in the upholstery, accents, and coupling of the upholstery to the metallic exterior.

Cabins and interior spaces are similar regardless of the model which is selected. Spaces are typically white with natural skylights to add to the spaciousness. Accent colors are paired with the buyer’s exterior hull choice.

Like many of the boat builders in the Florida area, Midnight Express boats for sale are equipped with Mercury Engines. Since the company does base its name upon the premise of customization, those who prefer a different engine selection should be able to substitute something such as a Yamaha (as are found on HydraSport boats), Suzuki, or other such engine. Keep in mind that this company’s owners are specialists in creating powerboats, so their recommendations should not be taken lightly. Most craft are equipped with 3 to four Mercury engines.

A unique aesthetic

Perhaps one of the most interesting and appealing traits of the Midnight Express boats for sale are the hull aesthetics. Looking at the Midnight Express gallery, you will find that there are several boats which have a very metallic exterior including a 34’ Pied-A-Mer in dark chrome accented with an interior of orange upholstery. Another model has been designed with an exterior bow resembling blue steampunk. Again, this goes to the company’s concept that they are only limited by the customer’s imagination.

The Ideal Market

Due to the power and the speed of the Midnight Express Powerboats, it is recommended that only those which will have ample space for open up the throttle purchase such vessels. That being stated, the Midnight Express boats are suitable for both the Gulf and and the Atlantic. The boats do not sit low in the water, making the navigation both inshore and offshore doable (though you will have more success offshore).

Midnight Express pre-owned boats are idealistic for those seeking to have a luxury powerboat without paying the extra costs of having a custom boat built from scratch.

Do you wish to know more?

If you would like to know more about the customization options which are available for the Midnight Express brand, or if you would like to view a selection of Midnight Express boats for sale, please browse the Vessel Vendor website.