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Nortech boats are high powered speed boats with a world reputation. Founded in 1980, the company revolves around the premise of pushing the performance and speed of their craft to the limit. This mentality has allowed for their line of vessels to max out at 88 MPH on some of the Nortech boats for sale.

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Like many of the companies located in Florida, Nortech, which operates out of North Fort Myers, Florida, uses Mercury outboard motors. The exception to the outboard motor would be on the luxury 80 Roadster Yacht and the 80 sport yacht. These two craft are equipped with Caterpillar (CAT) ACERT engines, allowing the luxury yachts to output between 1825 and 1900 HP.

Buyers who are seeking a Nor-Tech boat for sale should check the date of original purchase as in several instances the motors for the Nortech boats for sale will be under a transferable warranty.  There are stipulations and requirements for the transference of the warranties. Please contact the manufacture directly for information on buyer to seller warranty transfers.

Feeling the open air

While there are cabins and hard tops available for some of the Nor-Tech boat models, for the most part, the boats that are offered by Nor-tech are open console concepts. Due to the power and speed of the vessels, wind will be a factor to consider. Reducing the impact of the wind is are the various windshield wrap around configurations, but still at 80 to 100 miles per hour, the wind resistance/deterrence from the operator is minimal.


Nor-tech boats for sale are offered in four main categories. These categories are the Catamarans, Vee Bottoms, Center Consoles, and Performance Yachts.  Catamarans are offered in the Nor-Tech 4000 Roadster and the Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster, Vee Bottoms are offered in the NorTech 320 MC, Nortech 350 MC Flyer, NorTech 420 MC, Nor-Tech 427, Nor-Tech 4300, NorTech 477 SPX, and the NortTech 5000, Center Consoles are offered in the NorTech 340 Sport Open, Nort-Tech 344 GT, NorTech 390 CC, Nor-Tech 390 Sport Cuddy, NorTech 392 Super Fish, Nor-Tech 450 Sport, and the Nor-Tech 550 (outboard) or NorTech 560 Sport (inboard) boats. The performance yachts which are offered are the roadsters previously mentioned.

To find out more about the specific Nortech boat models for sale please see the boat review pages of the Nortech boats for sale. When seeking Nor-tech boat models which are under 5 years old check with the buyer to see if a stern-to-bow warranty is in place or if the owner has other warranties on the craft in place which can be transferred to the purchaser.

Who Should Buy a NorTech boat for sale

Although the boats which are for sale by Nor-tech can be used on both the Atlantic as well as the Gulf, buyers will have more pleasure in using the crafts on the Gulf. The reason for this due to the Drafts as well as the thinner beams. The fact that the boat does not sit low in the water makes use on the gulf ideal. Because the waters of the Atlantic tend to be slightly harsher than that in the gulf, and taking into account that terrain under the gulf  can vary substantially, having a fast & light boat is preferable.

If the Nor-tech boats for sale are used in the Atlantic, it is not recommended for deep sea adventures (even though the company has several examples and claims that it it do such)but rather for inshore or day offshore boating trips. Boaters will need to check with the beach in which he or she wishes to boat as Florida has speed, HP, as well as inboard/outboard boating restrictions based upon where you wish to operate the vessel.

The Various uses for a Nor-Tech

It is a bit difficult to say that you should use a Nor-Tech boat for this or for that, as the brand is so diversified. While you do have an orientation to speed and high performance, the models also allow for a range of functionality. Obviously the Super Fish is designed for anglers. It is intended for offshore fishing with a 3 piece Kevlar composite construction. Buyers should evaluate the power needs as well as their intended purpose for the Nor-tech boat they are wishing to purchase and get the model which best corresponds to this.

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Should you wish to find NorTech boats for sale, please look at the selection certified pre-owned boats on Vessel Vendor. Vessel vendor specializes in pre-owned boat sales from the leading manufacturers in the boating industry. In addition to offering boats for sale, Vessel Vendor also provides potential buyers with boat reviews on the specific models of Nor-Tech, location based assistance in picking boats for sale, and boat type searches. If you have Nortech boats for sale and wish to list your boat for sale online, or if you are a purchaser and have any questions about the Nor-Tech boats, please send general inquires about NorTech boats directly to Vessel Vendor through the appropriate contact form.

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