Legendary Quality Construction That Can Be Felt in Every Part of the Vessel

Some boat brands focus solely on luxury amenities and the result can sometimes be a luxurious vessel that lacks any type of innovation. Hatteras is a brand that does aspire to provide luxurious yachts, but their main focus is solely on innovation. For over 55 years the company has been producing some of the most notable yachts on the market. Just one look at any Hatteras boat review and you will begin to see the what quality craftsmanship goes into each vessel produced. The company is comprised of proud builders and designers that continually churn out impressive yacht models each year.

Motor Yachts

When world travel is on the agenda, a motor yacht is the ideal way to travel to every part of the globe. The range of motor yachts offered by Hatteras goes far beyond expectation. Sizes range from 60’ all the way to 100’ and the brand currently maintains 4 models of motor yachts available, the Hatteras M60, Hatteras M75 Panacera, Hatteras M90 Panacera, and the Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse. No matter which one is chosen, the owner will have the opportunity to fully customize the interior of the vessel to their exact specifications. They will also have the chance to enjoy world travel that is among the top luxury and innovative brands on the market today.


There are some customers that prefer a smaller and more sleek designed vessel than the standard large motor yacht. For those customers the Convertible series offers the amenities of a large motor yacht, but on a bit smaller scale. The options for the Convertibles include the chance to fully customize the interior as well as get the exact layout desired with multiple stateroom options. Within this series, Hatteras offers four Convertibles to choose from. The GT 54, GT 59, GT 63, and GT 70. Although customers may have seen many versions of a convertible yacht, none have produced quite a capable and versatile vessel as Hatteras. These vessels will allow you to entertain as well as fish in some of the most exotic locations on the map.


Sportfishing is popular not only in the Florida area, but in all parts of the globe. The tournament fisherman requires a lot from a vessel. Not only do they need an easy boat to fish from, but all of the essential tools such as tackle station and fish boxes to keep everything tucked away and allow the deck to remain clear. Th Hatteras Sportfish has been designed to be everything the sport fisherman could want. The vessel is able to be taken into the deepest depth of the ocean without flinching as each vessel is equipped with the latest in engine technology. The equipment onboard for the fisherman further assists with the overall fishability of the vessel with ample storage for all gear, bait, and anything extra needed for the journey. Some of the models are also able to be purchased with an above tower system that assists the boater in spotting schools of fish and keeping a close eye on surroundings.

The sport fisherman is a special form of fisherman as they tend to not only fish for a few hours or during the day, but extended periods of time for larger tournaments. With the Sportfish vessels from Hatteras, there is never a need to disembark and find accommodations in port. The boats are fully equipped with all of the comforts of home below deck with multiple sleeping areas and a fully functioning galley within the cabin as well. The Sportfish allows for the boater to choose all of the interior furnishings and customize the vessel as they see fit. Hatteras offers three models within the Sportfish yacht. The GT45X is the standard model, but the brand has included the flybridge and the tower versions of the same vessel to ensure that every boater can use the yacht as they need.

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