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Humble Beginnings, Unsurpassed Excellence

Boat companies throughout the world have one thing in common. That one thing is that they all started from somewhere. Some companies are able to start their life with a significant backing from a wealthy benefactor, but often it is the companies that begin from a grass roots mentality that fare better. One such company that pulled themselves up by their bootstraps within the boat industry is that of Pursuit. Pursuit boats for sale have now grown into a household name.

The founder of Pursuit, Leon Slikkers actually worked for the famous Chris Craft boat manufacturer where he built their cabin tops. The skills and the knowledge he acquired from his time with the company inspired Slikker to begin working on his own boats. He began building 14’ runabout boats in his garage and as his passion for the industry grew, so did his bank account and soon he was able to begin producing his own line of boats, leaving his life at Chris Craft. The humble beginnings of the company in 1946 have led to a long life within the boating industry and has put Pursuit boats for sale on the boating map for good.

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