A Nor-Tech Boat Review

Nor-Tech boats are known for being Hi Performance vessels. What does this mean? High performance boats are built to look sleek as well as to move fast upon the water. They are very high in horsepower, usually inboard engines or quads. Nor-Tech boats are known for being some of the best hi performance boats on the market. Established in 1989, Nor-Tech has proven to be a contender when it comes to building a quality hi performance boat.

The design of a Nor-Tech

To have a high-performance boat, you must minimize the drag and increase the aerodynamics of the vessel. Nor-Tech has done this by adding curvature to the hull and increasing the HP. On the Center Console, the beam is 10’ which is a bit wider than some vessels. However, the increased width is validated as it gives room for a better curve on the hull as well as better mounting on the outboard.

Though the Center Console is offered by Nor-Tech, the main area of expertise is in the Vee bottoms and the Catamarans. It is here that the “pointed” and narrow appearance really shines. The boats do not have receded areas on the bow or hardtops, but keep the bow beveled and solid back to the angled windshields (Cabin space is generally under the bow on the larger boats so as not to have useless space). Inboard engines have easy access at the stern of the boat.

A different look for a Hi Performance Boat

When it comes to hi performance boats, there is a presumption that a person will get mainly fiberglass and low-grade materials in order to create a lighter vessel. However, this is not the case with Nor-Tech. The boats have a distinctive classic look to the decking, use plus materials on the seating, and have exquisite wood on the cabin and the trim. Additionally, LED lighting and other modern features can be added to the various models to increase that sense of luxury and style that is desired.

Nor-Tech Boat Models

Although Nor-Tech specializes in the Vee Bottoms and the Catamarans, they also have Center Consoles and Performance Yachts. Each of these categories has several selections to chose from. The models are:

  • 340 Sport
  • 344 GT
  • 390 Sport
  • 392 Super Fish
  • 450 Sport
  • 550 Sport (Outboard)
  • 560 Sport (Inboard)
  • 320 MC
  • 360 MC Flyer
  • 420 Monte Carlo
  • 427
  • 477 SPX
  • 527
  • 80 Roadster
  • 80 Sport Coupe
  • 4000 Roadster
  • 5200 Roadster

The Vee bottoms and the Center consoles have more of a selection while the larger boats such as the performance Yachts and the Catamarans are limited to the Roadster and the Sport model. However, you will see that overall there is a wide range of sizes from the 34 to the 52’ option.

Where should you use a Nor-Tech boat for sale?

Because the Nor-Tech boats are equipped with high powered engines and as the speed is one of the primary reasons for purchasing a hi performance boat, it is recommended that the Nor-Tech boats only be used in offshore water. You may be able to use the boat in areas such as Tampa Bay, but for maximum performance it is best used off the Atlantic and further out on the Gulf. Nor-Tech boats are designed for luxury and for cruising, not for fishing. Those seeking a fishing boat would do well to look at another brand.

Where can I find Nor-Tech boats for sale?

To find out more information about a particular boat for sale, please click on the link above. This will take you to the boat model review page, where you can find more in-depth information and specs on the boat. Should you wish to compare manufacturers use the manufacturer summary pages. Boat seekers who wish to find a pre-owned Nor-Tech can do so by searching the year, model, location, or brand on our search page.

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