About HydraSports Custom Boats

A company aimed at making boating fun

There are boats and then there are boats which are made for fun and leisure. HydraSports Custom boats for sale are specifically designed to give the owner a sense of luxury as well as provide functionality and comfort while on the open seas. Hydrasports Custom boats are designed with dual functionality, meaning that their boats can be used for more upscale cruising as well as for deep sea fishing excursions. Here is what you need to know about HydraSports Custom boats for sale.

Options is not an Option

Unlike some of the other boat brands on the market, the HydraSports Custom boats for sale do not offer your typical list of options. According to the site, all the options which were previously given by the company have now been included in the standard features. This decision was based upon a polling survey where 90% of potential clients indicated that they wished for such features. Responding to the poll, the company changed its name slightly (adding the word Custom) and included all the options on the Sheet into their models. Among these standard features are fold-out captain chairs, automatic anchoring (just push a button), and the ability to store a secondary anchor at the transom should you have a craft which will be cruising in the keys and other more harsh waters.

A different kind of engine

Somewhat unique to the HydraSports Custom Boats are the Yamaha engines. While there are smaller crafts which use the lower models offered by the company, many times the larger boat manufacturers will opt for Mercury, Suzuki, or Evinrude. Most HydraSports Custom models are equipped with four Yamaha engines. But these are not your every day run of the mill engines. They are 115 (min) hp four stroke engines capable of putting your cruising speed at 40mph easily.


Every Hydrasports Custom boats for sale you may find falls into one of six different model categories. These models include the:

The lengths of the boats vary quite a bit depending on the model that you chose. For example, the HydraSport 5300 Suenos is 52 feet 11 inches while the HydraSport 3000 CC is just under 30 feet at 29 feet 8 inches.

Although there are 6 main models offered by HydraSports, there are elite editions available. These elite boats offer additional features such as upgrades to the stereo system. With all models the colors and the accent trim can be customized to the purchaser’s desire. Colors tend to be placed upon the mid exterior of the hull as well as on the Helm’s canopy and engines.

The Unique door

When you think of a boat, typically you do not think about the access door. But Hydra Sport has done something unique which is worth noting. The Hydrasports Custom boats for sale have go away from the gunnel mounted door (tuna door) and use an inward swinging two latch system docking door. The design allows for the boat owner to use the space while docked, something which is not an option on outward swinging gunnel mount doors.

Automation and Modernization

Perhaps the most recognizable features of the HydraSports Custom boats for sale is the attention to technology, specifically to automation. Electronics throughout the craft make cruising easier and far more enjoyable. From the slide out fridge which can double as a seating area to the remote access to the stereo system from a panel beside the docking door, there is certainly a focus on presenting a modernistic design. On certain models, there is even the ability for the front seating area to convert into a lounging station (complete with cushioning).

Apart from the electronics, the sleek materials, dock storage units, and the pull out seating at the transom of their boats play into the modern aesthetics. Add to this the 3 panel radar, navigation, and control station in the cabin, and you have quite a bit of gadgetry.

Dual Functionality

While the HydraSport Custom boats are primarily for luxury cruises and leisure, they are also designed as top-level fishing boats as well. All of the models are designed with rod holders, deck storage compartments, and live bait compartments, making the conversion from a party boat to a deep sea fishing boat easy. Of course, the specific location and abundance of these features depends upon the model you chose (as you will get more space with the 50 foot boat then you would the 30).

Want to know more about HydraSport?

If you wish to know more about a specific model offered by HydraSport, please search for the model on Vessel Vendor. The site offers information specific to each of the six main HydraSports boat models offered by the company.