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Buying a boat for shallow water

Whether you are fishing in the freshwaters of Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, or California, the bass is by far the most noted game fish. In Florida and Georgia, the largemouth bass is dominant. For the avid fisherman/woman, casting from the banks of a river or lake is not enough, especially if seeking out the craftier of catches. Therefore, a fishing boat is needed, and what better boat than one oriented to bass fishing?

What defines the bass boat?

Bass boats are a bit ambiguous in scope. The reason is that for many anglers, the bass boat is any vessel in which you can catch bass in. And where this is fundamentally true, there are a few features which are necessary to access the locations where bass will be more abundant. Firstly, the boat should not be a Deep Vee design. The V hulls generally rest too low in the water to allow for the boat to access shallows and areas where there could be debris (such as logs) under the surface. Flat bottom hulls are preferred. If not a flat bottom, look for boats which do not have a low draft.

Because bass are freshwater catches, apart from the sea bass of course, the bass boats for sale need to operate without any hinderances in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Outboard engines are common on the vessels. In Florida, the outboard configuration is extremely important, as the FWC regulates the HP. Boats with lower trolling speeds are more apt to have access to the various inland Floridian freshwaters than those with a larger outboard configuration.

Common Sizes

Much like the styles and the configurations of the boat, the length will vary depending upon the needs of the fisherman/woman. Yet, most of the bass boats for sale will be those vessels which are under the 30’ LOA mark. The reason for this is trailering and launching, as well as ease of navigation in the shallow waters. Typically, the boats will range between 8 and 15’. Occasionally, the bass boat will peak at 25’. Keep in mind that the longer the boat, the more difficult it will be to turn into narrow inlets and the deeper the waterline will be on the vessel. Consequently, this difficulty could be minimized or increased based upon the hull materials.

Hull fabrication

Hulls may be offered with either aluminum or fiberglass. Bass boats constructed from aluminum are generally lighter and smaller than those of fiberglass construction. The fiberglass designs tend to have more angler features built into the design, such as rod holders on the gunwale, bait boxes, deck storage, and various seating arrangements.  The downside is that fiberglass hulls can crack or shatter if used inappropriately in shallow water. Aluminum fishing boats for sale offer a more durable fabrication of the hull, but lack, many times, the features that the fiberglass boats provide.

Potential boaters should weight the pros and the cons of the fabrication materials to the demands that he or she needs. Comparing brands and the model specifics is a great way in which to determine which bass boat for sale is the best for you.

Bass boats for sale

The primary location of your bass fishing will play a critical part in the size and type of bass boat needed. And while a bass boat can be several different vessels, here are some of the brands which are commonly associated with bass boats for sale.

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Where to find a bass boat for sale?

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