Advertise Your Boat for Sale

How to effectually sell your boat

Selling a boat can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with nautical terminology, a marine engineer, or have the specifications of the HP of the engine, the beam, and other useful information which sellers demand. Owners who venture to list their boat for sale through non-specialized sites may find hits on their “classified” ad, but the clientele for the vessel tends to be those which are looking for a deal, not those which are seeking the craft first. Advertising with Vessel Vendor provides you with some effective strategies for selling your boat. Here are just a few on how to advertise your boat for sale.

Advertising your boat for sale on a boat site maximizes sale potential

While there is nothing wrong with a generalized sales site, they are not oriented to the selling boats. This means that a person who is seeking a red sweater may also decide to look at various boats for sale in their location. It is deal seeking advertisement. People who inquire about the craft on such sites are more apt to ask you to lower your price or to strike a deal on the boat for sale rather than to invest on the listing price.

On the other hand, those which have an advertisement on a pre-owned boat site are more prone to find buyers who will pay the asking price. Why? Because those visit the site are already interested in purchasing a boat for sale or at least they wish to find validated information on the boat types. Since the information presented on the site is creditable, then the prices which are listed on the pre-owned boat site are usually considered to be accurate and acceptable for the crafts being offered. While it may be true that a person may seek to negotiate the add-ons, features, and discuss financing, they are less likely to try to talk down the seller.

Street Selling Online is not effective

Comparatively, a person who sells their boat outside of third party distributors, auction sites, or any  site which partners with joint minded individuals, is equivalent to one who would put the vessel on the side of the road with a for sale sign. Consider, currently there are close to 2 billion live websites, according to liveinternetstats. A person who is advertising with a sole boat classified ad and does not have the SEO or the Social media presence to drive traffic to that boat advertisement must compare not only with other owners trying to do the same, but also with every creditable market who has any of the keywords which he or she is using to try to sell the craft. While you may get a person to stop by and look at your boat advertisement, on the whole the average web browsing person will skirt by. Online street selling is ineffective as:

  • There is little creditability when you do not advertise your boat for sale through a boat selling site. People tend to ask “what is wrong with it” rather than “that is nice, how can I get that boat”
  • The ROI (return on investment) is low when using pay per click advertisements on a boat. Anyone who wishes to view a Boston Whaler for sale, for example, may stumble upon your ad. If they click the ad, you have to pay regardless of if they have intention of purchasing or not.
  • People are more prone to go to sites which have a reputation for offering quality pre-owned boats for sale rather than run the risk of purchasing a craft from a stranger. While it is true that the people running the pre-owned boat site are strangers (most of the time), the average person views the site more as a business than as one person trying to sell their product.

How to Advertise your boat for sale effectively

Should you have a bowrider boat for sale, bay boat for sale, sailboat for sale, center console boat for sale, cuddy cabin boat for sale, houseboat for sale, or any other type of boat for sale and wish to effectively advertise your boat for sale, please contact Vessel Vendor. Vessel Vendor specializes in the sales of boats from boat enthusiasts. Our strategic method of targeting buyers who are seeking your particular boat for sale increases your chances of a quick sale and higher profits. Additionally, as our site gives information about the boat brands, boat makes, and boat manufacturers, as well as suggestions about the best boats to buy based on your location, persons seeking such a vessel for sale are more likely to have interest in your boat advertisement on our site over a site which does not specialize in pre-owned boat sales.

If you have any inquiries about how to advertise your boat for sale on Vessel Vendor, or if you have any general questions about how to formulate the perfect ad for your boat for sale, please use the appropriate form on the site to contact Vessel Vendor.