Intrepid Law Enforcement Boats

Boats built for the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is responsible for executing several marine duties, primarily those which are oriented to the safety and the preservation of life of persons off of North America’s shores. And while there is a militaristic aspect to them, as they do protect the country’s border, the USCG is largely a civil service branch and search and rescue branch. Due to the severity of the waters and the conditions for which they are often required to be a part of, it is critical that the government uses the best vessels for operations. For this reason, the USCG has decided to use Intrepid Boats as one of the Coast Guard boat manufacturers.

The Power and Performance

In order to combat the harsh waters of the Atlantic as well as the shifting conditions of the Gulf of Mexico, Floridian Police departments have opted to use the intrepid center console boats. These vessels generally come equipped with a tri or quad outboard engine configuration of 350 Yamahas. However, depending upon the Coast Guard’s use of the vessel, and the necessity for speed, there are a few vessels which have been equipped with the Seven Marine. The point is that these vessels have substantial power and speed. At the same time, the Intrepids are designed for stability, a dry ride, and ease of navigation, making it ideal for the USCG.

Designed for offshoring

The low hull with the deep V design is the main design used for the Coast guard boats. Like many performance and power vessels, the Intrpid boat appears to taper down as it gets to the stern. This reduces the wind resistance, while providing an ease of access to the transom. The overall lightweight design and weight distribution of the hull allows for quickly precision turns without risking rolling and rocking of the vessel, an attribute vital on boats used for search and rescue.

Center Console

Intrepid is known for its spacious layouts in their CCs. The 40’ models are exceptional in providing the Coast Guard with more than ample space for passengers while still allotting the appropriate console space for the operator. Because the center console has a 6’3 hardtop, most adults can stand and navigate without any issues. Additionally, should the vessel be equipped with a multi-tier design, an additional vantage point is given.

Not just for Salt Water

While the Coast Guard primarily focuses on the salt water boarders, there are instances when marine life and conservation would require a boat which does not hold to the traditional specifications of the deep-V design. Such instances would, for example, be when shallow water, bays, or shoals need access for search and rescue, for oil spill containment (as was seen in the past), or with marine life rescue where one does not wish to further damage the ecosystem. In these situations, the Intrepid Bay boats are ideal. The hull has the flat bottom design, but the overall design still has the outboard engines and power to get from point A to point B.

The Customizability

Perhaps the best reason for the Coast Guard using the Intrepid boats is for its customizability. While other manufacturers have a level of optimization and features which are available, many are limited to the pre-orchestrated packages and features. Intrepid boasts that they work one-on-one with the purchaser (in this case the coast guard or the local law enforcement) to ensure that the boat caters to the specifications prior to the construction. As all elements are handcrafted, the level of customization and location specific detailing and formatting of the vessel can be high.

Purchasing a Coast Guard worthy boat for sale

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